Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. In like a lion...

So far, March has not started off nicely in the weather department. All the other Calgary area bloggers are whining about it too, so I'm not alone. Somehow, I find it much harder to deal with now then I did at the beginning of winter. Back then I had an attitude that I better suck it up. Now, I am so done with it and I just want warmer temperatures to start coming. I'd settle for -10 (including windchill). That's a nice comfortable temperature to run in. But, by April, I expect a chance to take my bike off the trainer and on to the roads...

2. I reported the dog that harassed me on Sunday

Initially I wasn't going to. I'm not trying to get somebody in trouble. But, this is a public road and an extremely popular running route in town. Even if I may never be brave enough to run it alone again, other people surely will. The owners of the property need to know what their dog is doing and they need to make sure it doesn't again. I'm told that they generally just give people a warning unless they act aggressively or are rude to the bylaw officers.

3. I know I'm swimming better...

...but I'm not going much faster. I timed myself on 500 metres last night and it took me 14 minutes. That's the same speed I've been able to do it for the last couple months. My body position is better; my roll is better; my catch is better; I know my technique is better. Why isn't it translating into speed?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Over winter! Done! Bring on spring now!!

    2. Good for you! Someone else might not be so lucky next time. There aren't bad dogs, just bad dog owners.

    3. I am the same way- I find I am slower when I have better technique. In time the speed will come. Your body is just getting used to the right technique. At least you aren't getting slower!! :)