Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm back!

For real this time. I'm feeling strong and motivated. Not quite healthy, but not too far from it either.

Yesterday, I spent the day flip flopping on whether I should go to my swim program.

I had a headache that that wouldn't go away, and I still got out of breath walking up and down my stairs. Perhaps I shouldn't go. Perhaps I needed more rest and it would be better to give it a day or two...

On the other hand, I am getting so much out of this program. Even if I my energy was still low, surely I could still benefit from the technique refinement. And I was starting to feel like a giant lump. I needed to do something and swimming was probably a good choice for getting back to it...

But, maybe I keep getting sick because I'm not letting myself fully recover? What if I am stuffy in the water and can't breath? Not a good place to be unable to breath...

I paid for this course, darn it! I don't waste money like that. And I was feeling better, at least somewhat. I don't think I've ever regretted a workout. If it was truly bad and I honestly felt horrible, I could always bail halfway through.

So, I went.

And like usual, something clicked for me. We were doing some one armed drills that made me feel like I might just drown. Then back to the swim. And I felt different somehow in the water. I felt faster. On a whim, I timed myself on my way back. I swam 25 meters back down the pool in 30 seconds. To some of you, that may not be fast, but let me just say that the fastest I have ever timed myself doing 25 meters was 30 seconds, and that was at a full out sprint. This time, I was just going at a moderate, sustainable pace. So, despite my recent whining about swimming better, but not faster, I may have actually made some headway on speed too.

The best part of the whole night was how good I felt afterward. I had found the workout hard, but it had given me that great feeling of euphoria that I get after a really good workout. It reminded me of why I am doing this and that I want to do it more.

Sometimes it is hard to decide when to get back to things after being sick. I think the most important part of that decision is the decision to get back to it. Having said that, I'm glad I made the decision when I did.

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