Sunday, April 3, 2011

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Yesterday Mother Nature decided to do an April fools joke - a day late. We got about 15 cm (9 inches) of snow. I was supposed to run in the morning with Krissy. When she emailed me to suggest the track, I didn't hesitate. Running in that stuff would be like running in sand. Plus, I have HTUFed lots this winter and run in weather as cold as -30c (-22f). I'm done with it!

It was a challenging run, one of those ones where you have to push through the whole thing. Thank goodness I had company for it! We finished our 6km and even ran our final lap the fastest ever. (Admittedly I felt a bit like I needed to puke after the final sprint, but that went away shortly.)

I then took Spud to his swimming lesson - which he passed! The kid is a fish. He's passed three levels in one try so far. Most kids repeat them multiple times - given that these are the preschool levels. He was already the youngest in his current class... At the age of four, he can swim better then I could a year ago.

When I got home, my husband suggested playing outside with the kids. I would have happily hibernated the rest of the day away. For all the snow though, I had to admit that it wasn't actually that cold outside. It was just below freezing.

The snow wasn't quite the right consistency for snowmen, but by packing it instead of rolling it, we managed a decent one.

Snow angels with Sweetpea and Daddy...

We had a mini snowball fight. Spud tried to pick up part of a snow man for his weaponry, but found it a bit heavy...
I might not be in any of the pictures, but I was there! Behind the lens. We all had a blast in the snow. I still hope it's the last snow of the spring though!


  1. April snow is always cruel but it seems like your family made the most of it. Let's hope there is no more snow this year!

  2. Go Spud!! I love when kids love a sport like that and it just clicks!

    The snow day looked fun, too. Look at those rosy cheeks - So cute!

  3. I hope we are done with the snow. I think we are, but who knows. We had amazing weather here this weekend. Love the pics - looks like you guys had fun.