Friday, April 15, 2011

Setting goals for my first half marathon!

So, with my first half mary coming up in two days, it's time to get real and consider what my goals are for it.

I'm not setting a time goal for a couple reasons: 1. It's my first of a new distance. I don't intend to ever set time goals when I'm doing a brand new distance. 2. I think the time is far less important then the execution. I fare better in focusing on how I execute a race then I do focusing purely on the time I finish it in.

This may be a tough race. For one thing, it's supposed to be a challenging course, with a fair bit of elevation in the second half of it. For another, the weather conditions are far from ideal. The temperature is likely to be a bit below freezing. That, in itself, wouldn't be so bad. The non-ideal part is the fact that it's been raining and snowing the last few days. And, it hasn't been warm enough to melt any of that accumulation. On the plus side, the race organizers have said that they plan to sand icy areas, so hopefully it will still be in good shape.

I picked up my race package today - race package meaning shirt and bib. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the colour, and the sleeves are too short. That surprises me actually. I know I'm a tall woman, but considering it's a unisex shirt, I would have expected longer sleeves.

Anyways, without further ado, my goals for this race are:

1. To finish.

2. To pace well and finish strong.

3. Not let the things out of my control get to me. (Such as icy pathways or congested areas).

That's it, that's all!

Two days from now, I'll have finished a half marathon! Who'd have thunk it?


  1. I'm so excited for you! Have fun that's the most important part, while not every minute may be fun the overall experience should be!

    Can't wait for your report and hope the weather is not to bad.

  2. I hope you have an absolute blast this weekend! Enjoy it!

  3. They probably got a deal on the shirts since they had too short sleeves!

    Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wishing you a great run and perfect weather. Can't wait to read the race report!

  5. Good luck! You are going to do great! We are not going to let this sucky weather ruin our race!

    The sleeves on the shirt are even on the shorter side for me and I am average height. They are 3/4 length for J!!

    At least we will be visible in these shirts!