Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some pictures

I thought I'd share some photos from my run this past Sunday:

Now, it is currently snowing. The weather forecast for Saturday's race used to say 9 degrees (48f) and sunny. It now says 0 degrees (32f) and snow. Rumour has it that part of the race course is under water...

The good news is, this is my first half marathon. So, even if I have to slow down to wade through water, it will still be a personal best. Or perhaps, I can swim through it and consider it an early triathlon?


  1. Nice pics!! We were in Cochrane on Sunday and I noticed the huge ice chunks on the river!

    I really hope the forecast changes in the next 4 days... sunny and warmish please!!

    The race is on Sunday... not sure if that was a typo.

    I sure hope whatever part is underwater has dried up by Sunday. Don't really feel like swimming part way through a half marathon. I am sure they will figure something out if is isn't passable.

  2. A buddy of mine tried to ride around the reservoir on the weekend. There was a small chunk of the path on the south side of the weasel head still covered in snow and ice. This is between that little bridge at the bottom of the hill, and where the path makes a sharp turn to head towards the Elbow. You'd probably need snow shoes to find it now. Good luck on the weekend!

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful day!

  4. Good Luck for Sunday! Fingers crossed the weather warms up for you!