Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some extra strength training...

Yesterday, I headed out for a run. My inlaws were visiting, so I was able to leave the kids with them and head out in the middle of the afternoon.

It was beautiful. I wore a short sleeved short and pants, and truthfully, I was a bit over dressed. I was just cruising along. Sometimes I play a game with myself where I guess my pace before checking my garmin. Everytime I figured I was going slower, but I was holding a pace around 6:10/km. I am quite capable of running at that pace, but usually have to push myself to get it.

I was heading down a hill, debating the rest of my route, when I saw two girls in front of me. The older one was on a bike and the younger on a scooter. The little girl went down the hill, went sideways and completely wiped out. An older lady on the path looked at them, glanced at me and kept walking.

I kept running - as far as where the girls were. The younger girl was 6, and her knees were badly scratched up. The older one turned out to be the babysitter and was 13 - though based on her size, I would have guessed 9; She was tiny. We tried to get the little one to walk, but she just wouldn't. She simply screamed and said her knee hurt so much. Truthfully, I thought she was overdoing it a bit, but at the same time, I'm sure she was in a lot of pain.

Their parents were at work, and I didn't have my phone with me. Truthfully, even with my phone, I couldn't have done a thing, since there wasn't anyone to call. I asked her where their house was, and I inwardly groaned when she told me. About a kilometer (0.6mi) away. Not so far, until you're carrying a six year old girl...

And carry her I did. Up the hill and onto the sidewalks. I tried to distract her by asking about her Easter, but no go. She just kept crying. I'd guess she was 5-10 pounds heavier then Spud, so around 50 pounds. Let's just say, there is a reason Spud doesn't get carried long distances anymore!

My arms felt like jello and I put her down for a minute while we waited at a stop light. Then picked her back up. Finally we got to her house and I put her down. She had calmed down a bit in the last few minutes when told she could have a bandaid and popsicle. I asked the babysitter if she needed anymore help and she thanked me and said they'd be okay now.

While carrying her, I figured that it was the end of my run. I'd be tuckered out and just head home. I was still feeling pretty good though, so I started running again and got a few more kilometers in. In the end, I did a total of 7 km (4.3mi), plus 1 km of walking and strength training. My arms are still sore.


  1. That'll definintely add some good Karma for all the colds and sickness your family has been dealing with.

  2. You are possibly the nicest woman around! I wouldn't even carry my OWN kids that far unless a limb had actually fallen off of them :D

    Loved the Spud comparison!

  3. You are so nice!! I hope the girl is okay although it sounds like she is fine. Lots of good karma coming your way!

  4. Sometimes doing the right thing gives you a little bounce in your step.