Friday, April 8, 2011

Like a snake

Today was a great day. The weather has warmed up, and it's feeling like spring. We have a pass for the zoo, so we took the opportunity to go there with friends.

One of the key parts of a zoo trip is a stop at the playground. Truly, there are days I think we got a pass so that they can play at the playground. I do have to admit that it's pretty cool. It's three levels high with tunnels and climbing spots. Perfect for kids. There's one section that's "recommended" for children 6-12 years old. Of course, as a tall and brave 4 year old, Spud loves that section.

I was watching Sweetpea in another section when I heard it. Loud, scared crying. No doubt that was Spud. I also was fairly certain that he fortunately wasn't hurt, but scared.

It took me just a moment to locate him - right at the top. He sometimes gets overwhelmed when there's too many people around. I never got a straight story, but the best I figure, there was too much going on, he was high up and he freaked out.

Next thing was to rescue him. I tossed my bag down, and climbed in. Back and forth on these little level-step type things. Fortunately, there weren't too many kids in that section, so I made quick work of it.

Once I got to the top, I was able to calm Spud down and convince him to go down the slide. He calmed down pretty quickly after that and went to play in the toddler section with his sister. (Though I have no doubt that the next time we are there, he'll be back in the big kid section.)

I grabbed my bag and went to watch my kids (I was there with a friend, so it's not like Sweetpea was totally unsupervised during this time.) A man stopped me briefly and told me:

"I was really impressed. Number one, that you knew so quickly it was your kid crying, and number two that you slithered up there so fast, like a snake."

First of all, I'll say that recognizing Spud's cry was easy. I don't think it's that impressive for a parent to recognize their own child's freakout. Then there's the snake part...

I had a sudden realization that when I weighed 45 pounds more then I do now, I would not have found it so easy. That space wasn't designed for an adult. It was designed for children, and the tightness of the space reflects that. I'm not going to be too dramatic and claim I'd never have been able to rescue my son before. I'm sure I could have. But, it would have been a struggle. Today, I simply did what I had to do, and it was pretty easy. Heck, if it wasn't for the angry stares I'd probably get from other parents, I could have fun playing in there all on my own!

This blog is no longer about me shrinking, but I don't forget where I came from. For a long time, I didn't take care of myself. My body reflected that. My abilities reflected that. Everyday life was different.

Today, I make different choices, and every once in a while, I get reminders. Reminders of how far I've come. The weight I've lost allows me to do things I couldn't do before. Today, it was to quickly climb to the top of a play structure to help my son. In a week and a half, it will be to run a half marathon. From there? The sky's the limit...


  1. Bravo. Love this post. Thanks for sharing. This was a pretty significant day in your journey! I'm honoured to share it with you! ; )

  2. Awesome post! It's so cool to look back and see just how far you've come sometimes.

  3. Great, great reminder! Not sure I'd like being called a snake...couldn't he say quick like a fox or something. :) I hate snakes....

    The sky is the limit!