Sunday, April 24, 2011

A new training plan and a fresh start

As my post half marathon recovery week comes to a close, I'm getting geared up to start my next training plan. My first couple training cycles were great. I rarely ever missed runs (all my previous training cycles have been run focused). This one, not so much. I fought the winter doldrums and got sick time and again. While pacing was a problem in my half, missed training was at least as big an issue. It seemed like I was always trying to do "make up" runs, but those make up runs pushed other runs right off the plan anyways.

Now, it's time to start fresh, and I'm feeling great about it. I'm up before the family and having a quiet breakfast. The sun is shining. The forecast is for 15 degrees today (59F). Nobody is currently sick in my house, and I'm optimistic that we'll stay mainly healthy.

I start my new training plan tomorrow, and I'm feeling great about it. It is the first triathlon focused training plan and I am so ready. I took Bella, my road bike outside for her first time on Friday and loved it. Running is meshing with me right now, and I'm just feeling the rhythm. I'm starting to really feel the water and feel "right" when I'm swimming.

Things are good.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Good luck as you start on your new training cycle. I completely hear you about winter training - it seems like I was always sick and always playing catch up. Hope things keep clicking for you!