Friday, October 21, 2011

Being smart - addressing possible injury

So, this weekend, I am going away.  It's the second annual ladies getaway.  Last year, I had an amazing time.  We stayed up late, played board games, then we did a high ropes course and a giant swing.  Really fun!

What it doesn't leave is a lot of room for training.  So, I made arrangements to have my kids watched today so I could do my long run on the Friday instead of on the weekend like I usually do.

Yesterday, after my run, my legs weren't feeling completely happy.  I wasn't convinced it was "bad pain" though.  This morning, I've got something that just doesn't feel right.

Enter Dr. Google.  Between Dr. Google and I, we've determined a possible IT band issue.  Crap.

There's two considerations here.  First consideration: if I don't run today, I may not get to do this long run.  Second consideration: if I do run today, I may screw myself up worse and end up unable to do my half marathon.


So, here's my plan.  Drop my kids off like planned.  Call and see if I can get in to my chiropractor, who does ART (ART is often recommended for IT band issues).  Go there dressed in my running clothes and hope he'll tell me I can run.

See, smart, but hopeful.  That's an okay plan, right?


  1. Fingers crossed it all works out!

  2. Hope it works out for you - IT issues can be hard to deal with and seem to take forever to heal....hopefully it's something else.

    Do you have a trigger point roller? If not I highly, recommend one. I use mine at least twice a day before and after runs and it seriously seems to help keep the IT band pain at bay. Now if it would just work for my shoulder and back I'd be in business!

  3. Sounds like a good plan! Hope the ART helps. If you miss the run, it won't derail your training though.

    Enjoy your ladies weekend away!

  4. My advice would be to not run and rest up a bit. Remember pain is your body's way of telling you that you are injured. Mild injury can turn into long term

  5. Sounds like a rest is the way to go. What did you end up doing?