Sunday, October 9, 2011

Race Day goals!

This has been one of the least stressful weeks leading up to a race that I've ever had.  Hmmm, wonder why?  Maybe because I only decided to race 2 days ago?

Then yesterday, I was obsessed with watching the Ironman World Championships.  Anybody else check that out?  Amazing!  What a race!  What a finish!  Both the men and women.

Anyways, today is race day.  As usual, my bad pre-race picture.  No number yet, as I still have to register...
Not my best picture.  I was looking at the side of the camera where there's a little screen.   Neat sky in the background though!


1. Break 1 hour.
2. Don't get worked up about factors beyond my control.
3. Push myself hard those last few kilometers.  Don't just coast in.

That is all!  See you on the other side of my sub-60 10K!


  1. Good luck!!!! We are having a perfect day for running here! I hope the same can be said for you. It looks like it!