Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weight loss Wednesday - In a bit of a slump

So, today's weight on the scale was 194.2, for a weekly loss of 0.6 and a total loss of 49.2.  I'm not happy with that loss, but I'm not devastated by it either.

When I decided to restart my weight loss, I pledged to track all my food and watch my calorie intake.  The first week, things got away from me and I never started doing it.  I still lost over 2 pounds.  The next week, it didn't really happen either, and I still had a respectable loss of over a pound.  This week, it's caught up to me.  Since I only want to be in weight loss mode for a few months, I'm going to have to start making it count by actually counting what I eat.

On a not terribly related note, I'm feeling sort of down right now.  I've had a couple of hits this week, and there's a couple other things up in the air.  I'm a planner, and am frustrated by the lack of my ability to plan.

First off, my husband and I talked about budget and the numbers, and it looks like a coach is not in the cards for next season.  Yes, I realize I am not a pro, and I'm never going to place.  Having said that, I had really been hoping we could swing it.  I know I need to start training smarter.  I feel like a coach would help push me in ways I'm afraid to push myself.  It's not the end of the world, but I'm going to have to get past the disappointment.

Then, it seems that a lingering soreness is likely shin splints.  I've had a tight achey muscle on the inside of my calf for a couple months now, and kept hoping it would go away.  I had my husband ask his ART/chiro whether he thinks it's something that can be worked on.  He does think it is something that can be worked on, and he also suggested the likelihood of shin splints.  Now, I have an appointment for tomorrow, so I hope for a more definitive diagnosis and plan.  I just really really hope this doesn't impact my half marathon plans.  I am fairly confident that it's not a stress fracture (simply not enough pain), so I seriously hope he doesn't suggest I stop running - even temporarily.

Then there's my whole race schedule for next year.  This is one of those things that I just want to come into place so I know what I'm working towards.  I'd been planning on doing Calgary 70.3, but while the date has been announced, there's been no further information about it and it's not on the ironman website.  I'm worried it may not be happening.

Of course, there's also the fact that it's the day after my cousin's wedding.  Is it crazy to do a half ironman the day after attending a wedding?  I would have no trouble leaving early; we have kids, so probably would be anyways.  Besides, I'm not that much of a late night person.  I think we even left our own wedding before midnight.

Then there's the fact that the other half-iron I considered is likely to fill up anytime.  So, if I wait, but it turns out the Calgary one isn't running, I'll be left scrambling.

Meh, what a whiny annoying post!  Now, I've had my whine, I'll start coming up with a plan to deal with all my frustrations.  Wish me luck with that appointment tomorrow!  That's the biggest thing weighing on me right now...


  1. From what I hear the 70.3 will take place despit it not being on the Ironman site. I would not worry about that and you are right that it will not sell out!

    If it is shin splints then they will most likely recommend resting the legs. Running will only aggravate the problem. I had to skip a couple of races last year due to illness and it sucked but in the end it was what I had to do.

    I dont think it is crazy that you would go to a wedding the day before. The only thing is to make sure you can drop your bike off the day before the race (ie the day of the wedding).

    Good luck with the shins, hope it is something benign and easy to correct!


  2. Good luck at your appt today. Luckily if it's shin splints they will get better with some rest. You may have to take a little time off you don't want to but it will be worth it in the long run.

    Weight loss is so frustrating. But remember that all of the small numbers add up eventually. So maybe it's small this week and last, but together it's still a pretty good number and you are still losing!

  3. Here's what totally helped my shin splints. I started doing ankle mobility exercises twice a day. Ankle rolls inwards and outwards, 30 each on leg. Toe points 30 each leg. Then childs pose to stretch them...they would be SO tight by the time I was done with my ankle exercises. 30 seconds x 3 times with this pose. Then stretch the hell out of my calves. Tight calves, I believe, ended up being the most significant problem with my shins...

  4. Two words. Foam Roller.

    Also - what is your other goal race? Maybe you'd be more comfortable doing that one anyways since it's not right after a wedding?

  5. That sucks about the coach situation. Why does everything have to cost so much money???

    I am out of the triathlon loop so I haven't heard anything about the 70.3. That being said, the fact that it is the day after your cousin's wedding would be a deciding factor for me. I would probably sign up for the other 70.3 (which one is it?).

    Sorry to hear about your shin pain. I hope the chiro can give you some good news and a treatment plan that doesn't affect your HM plans.