Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday - The "I need it" edition

Lately Sweetpea is in a stage where she sucks at sharing.  She likes to have toys and hoard toys.  When her brother has something she wants, she'll let out a pitiful whiney "I neeeeeed it!".  Mind you, it might be the one car Spud is playing with when she has 10 others.  We'll still hear the pathetic "I neeeeed it" cried out when told she has to share and let him have it.

So, today's post is dedicated to Sweetpea.  It's the "I neeeeeed it" day.

1. The Garmin 910XT
This multisport watch has just been announced, and hasn't even been released yet.  Despite the fact I have a perfectly functional Garmin 305, my immediate reaction to seeing this was "I need it!"  It does everything my 305 does, and more.  Particularly the swim functions.  It can count my laps in the pool much better then I do.  It can even count my strokes!

After seeing this, I sent an email to set up some testing.  It's not something I've talked about a lot on my blog, but I'm lucky enough to live in the town where ANT+ technology was developed (it's a major technology used in the accessories with the gps watches).  As such, I sometimes get to do testing for Garmin.  I can't talk about it much (due to a non-disclosure agreement), but I can say that I do it, and I need to do more so that I can earn this watch!  I got in this morning to do a swim test session.  Little by little, I will get it!

A friend posted these shoes on facebook after her son bought them.  I LOVE them.  They would go with any colour I want to wear.  And they are just plain fabulous!  Sadly, this is a "I need it" that I don't get to have.  These are neutral running shoes.  I pronate and need supportive running shoes.  Why are all the colourful running shoes for neutral runners?  Us pronaters want something fun too!

3. Perspective

After yesterday's post, I did some thinking and investigating.  One thing I did was email the organizers of the 70.3 race I want to do.  They got back to me very quickly and I've been assured that the race is still running and they are just working on some final details before the actual announcement.

The other thing is considering my possible shin splints.  First off, I'm freaking out before it is necessary.  I don't even know for sure that's my problem.  May as well wait until I know before freaking out.  I might just have to heat and ice and stretch more.

Secondly, even if I have to take time off running, it is NOT the end of the world.  Very frustrating?  Yes.  Potential to kill my current half marathon plans?  Yes.  Likelihood of killing any of my long term training plans?  No.  I can deal with this, and one way or another, it's not that big a deal.  Many people have dealt with much much bigger issues and injuries.


  1. I already have a garmin forerunner 305, edge 305, 310xt, and edge 500 but that new one look HAWT! Can anyone say " Merry Christmas to me"

  2. I want that new Garmin too!!

    Sounds like you are feeling better today :)

  3. Oh my gosh now I NEEEEED IT TOO!!!!

    Those shoes are so cool but I always feel like if you are going to have shoes that flashy you should be fast...which I am most certianly not. :)

  4. That is a snazzy Garmin! Hope you are able toe get it!
    Love those shoes! I agree- all the cool colourful shoes aren't the right type for my feet:(
    Glad that you found some perspective to deal with the issues weighing on your mind.

  5. New Balance shoes are awesome and super comfortable! There's a a lot of runners like me who tried them and thinking of getting one more pair of running shoe .