Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weight loss Wednesday, buying laziness and being recognized

The numbers

So, this week's weight wasn't a huge change: 194.2, which means I was down 0.6, which is the same that I was up last week.  It also means I'm at a total weight loss of 49.6 pounds.  Seriously, could I just hit that 50 lost mark?

I'm okay with that.  I've just set some major goals for myself this week and I know losing more weight is going to make a huge difference in getting there.  That is a huge motivation and helps keep me focused.

I've been losing weight for over a year and a half now.  I've lost in some weeks, maintained in more, and gained in almost none.  I'm at the point of accepting that the weight loss part of this is going to be a long journey.  I plan to get to a healthy weight in the next few months, but I think the process of finding my optimal weight is still going to be a long road - possibly years.  These last few pounds have made a significant and noticeable difference in my running ability.  I want to find out just how far I can go, and I'm not going to let the extra pounds hold me back.

Buying laziness

On a side note, I went to Costco today.  I don't do a lot of convenience food anymore.  I prefer my food as unprocessed as possible.  Generally speaking, that means more work in preparation.  Work that is generally worth it.  Having said that, today, I bought what I refer to as a few packages of laziness.  :)

Mini carrots, Cubed butternut squash and a fruit tray to bring to a ladies retreat this weekend
Sure, it costs more to buy your vegetables this way, but it's a heck of a lot better then buying a bag of cookies or a package of pastries.  And, can I say, I love butternut squash.  Sometimes, I roast them whole and scoop them out, but I really like in pieces.  So much work to peel and dice them though!  So cool that I can buy them like this!

Being recognized

Onto another thing.  I've been feeling a bit down about my blog lately.  The comments have plummeted and I was starting to wonder if anybody actually read it anymore.  Then, today, I had my first "celebrity moment"!

I know some of the bigger bloggers get recognized regularly.  It's never happened to me though.  Plenty of friends and family read my blog, and there's some other bloggers whose blogs I read and they tend to read mine.

Then, while standing in line, the lady in front of me looked back and said "I know you.  Don't you have a blog?"  So COOL!  We do have a mutual friend, and live in the same town, so she's not a complete stranger, but it's still neat to know that someone other then my mother reads my writing.  ;)

Sarah, if you are reading, it was so nice to meet you today, and your kind words about my blog lifted my spirit in ways you don't even know.  Thank you!


  1. I read it , Deb! You're an awesome writer.

  2. Hey Deb, I read!! Every single post! I don't comment as often since I'm not a runner, but I do enjoy your blog a lot! I especially look forward to your anniversary backpacks and the pictures that follow.

  3. That's awesome! I've never actually had anyone come up to me and say anything, but I think it's pretty likely if anyone in town DID recognize me from my blog, I'm usually so sketchy looking when I leave the house they would be afraid to approach me :p
    I need to shower more.

  4. I had someone recognize me at a race once about 6 months ago and I just sorta stood there and didn't know what to saw. Awkward....

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm up this week after being out of town (and apparently falling off the wagon as I got on the plane). But then I thought it would come right back off with a few days of clean living and I'm sad that it isn't. Grr...

    I kind of feel like a rock star when I get ANY comments on my blog so I can't imagine how awesome it would be if someone I didn't really know said that to me at the store! Yay for you!

    Hang in there with everything. You are an inspiration to those of us that still have our sights set pretty low and are just slogging along.

  6. blogs take a long time to build up, but oddly take only months to just drop off

    What I've also realized is that a lot more people read than comment, so don't worry about that :)

    I totally know sometimes I am paying for convenience...but whatever it takes to make me eat healthy!

  7. Some days I feel like this (no one reads my blog) but then I remember that I write for myself!!

    That's cool that someone recognized you at the grocery store! :)