Monday, October 31, 2011


When I was 22 years old, I lost weight for the first time.  I looked good, felt great, and was full of confidence.  When Halloween rolled around, I got my (amazingly talented) mother to make a costume for me.  A Xena costume.  (Now, if you don't know who Xena is, I guess I have just dated myself.  Feel free to google it.  At one time, she was huge, and she still has fan clubs...)

Anyways, when the rapidly lost weight was regained, the costume went into a box.  And stayed in a box for many years.  11 years later, today being Halloween, I thought I would pull it out.  I actually still weigh about 15 pounds more then I did at 22, so I wasn't sure how it would fit.  Now, the fit isn't perfect, but I am much smaller then I once was at the same weight, so believe it or not, it does up!

I present to you, a much older Xena, WARRIOR PRINCESS!!
I think I'm past the age where I can actually wear this in public...

The shorts I orignally wore with it are long gone, as are the accessories.  I'm wearing tri shorts under it instead, so I could theoretically do a triathlon as Xena...

In other news, it is Halloween in Canada.  So, that means that it snows.  Seriously, it's expected.

I remember a childhood of covering up Halloween costumes with warm coats.  My kids will get the same memories...


  1. Wohoo Mama! Nice costume. I hear ya on the winter coat and costumes. My mom used to get ours at least 2 sizes bigger and and fix the lenghts so we could wear them over our snowsuits.

  2. You look fantastic!

    We usually have cold and snow for Halloween too, but it is beautiful here in Denver today!

  3. You could TOTALLY wear that in public. No real snow in Calgary yet, though the forecast says maybe later today.

  4. I just came to your blog through Haute Runner - I love that the costume fits again. Great feeling isn't it? Truly sorry about the snow though! Brrr...

  5. Love it! Congrats on fitting into it! I think you should hand out candy in that tonight!!
    Not too sure about doing a tri in it... You might fall out the top!!
    Is that snow at your house now? I might have a surprise waiting for me at home.

  6. Super cool! Xena kicked ass and so do you!