Friday, November 25, 2011

I might have endurance, but I lack grace...

I'm clumsy.

Yesterday, I fell down the stairs.  Today, I hurt.

Now, it wasn't a horrible fall.  I know falls down stairs can be really nasty, and I'm lucky it wasn't that bad.

But, it wasn't nice either.  I landed on my hip, and it hurts there.  Now, today, I realize my left arm is super sore, from trying to catch myself.  Both of my shoulders are sore too.  I probably tried to catch myself on both sides, but the left side is the only one with a bannister, so I didn't actually pull things on the right.


Walking actually feels okay, so I'm optimistic running might be a go.  Biking, I doubt.  Swimming, I think I'll have to take a couple days off.  Disappointing, because I've been trying to focus a bit on my swim, but on the upside, I'd already got a few in this week, so it won't set me back.

I can train to get faster and go longer.  Any way I can train so that I'm less clumsy?  I also stubbed my toe this week hard enough to break the skin, so that's sore too...

Wednesday's HBBC points: 10  (50 minute swim, 4 mile run, f/v point)
Thursday's HBBC points: 5 (40 minute swim, f/v point)
Week to date: 35


  1. Owww! Hope you bounce back quickly!

    Glad I am not in the same "level" as you- you are kicking my butt! Great job!

  2. The family joke used to be that they sent my stepsis to ballet classes so she would be less clumsy so what was my excuse (I did 14 years of dance classes). I'm not sure clumsy can be fixed by anything other than just paying better attention to things. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy!

  3. I really do find yoga helps a bit with the clumsiness! But finding time to fit in yoga is certainly challenging!

  4. OUCH! I too am pretty clumsy, although I've been better in the last few years.

    You are doing great on the challenge!

  5. OUCH! Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm another clumsy one although it has been better the last couple of years. Definitely wait a few days to try that bridge!