Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's great being high, but eventually you have to come down.

I'm feeling kind of down these last couple weeks.  My activity level has dropped (okay, kind of plummeted).  My eating has been poor.  I've gained a couple pounds.  I've had a cold for almost two weeks now, and I still have a bit of a rattle when I breath.  I fell down the stairs this week, and my body is still sore.  It feels like delayed onset muscle soreness, but without having had the benefit of a good workout to get me there.

What the heck?

I think there's a couple things going on, but I think one of the biggest is that I've come off my high.  It was inevitable.  Things were clicking for me, and I was having some amazing breakthroughs.  I smashed through PRs for both the 10k and half marathon distances.  It's also a foregone conclusion that I will eventually destroy my previous 5K record (since I ran both halves of that 10k considerably faster then my current 5k PR).  I've seen considerable and measurable improvements in my swimming and biking as well.

Realistically, it's not always going to be like that.  I'd love to think it was possible, but if I kept seeing improvements at that level and that frequently, I'd probably win Kona next year.  And, while I think I still have a lot of untapped potential, I think it's safe to say that I don't have much shot at winning Kona.  I am unlikely to ever again get a 30 minute PR on the half marathon distance.  I may have the ability to eventually cut off another 30 minutes, but if it happens, it will take years to get there, as opposed to the six months between these two races.

So, it's time to settle in for a bit.  Does that mean I stop shooting to get better?  No.  But, my body can't always be hitting a peak in performance.  Now, it's time to let my body recover a bit and rejuvenate.  Get over this freaking cold.  Let this post-fall soreness go away.  And, while I'm doing all of that, I need to lay off on the cookies and eat my vegetables.  Seriously.

I've been feeling frustrated that I've "only" been working out once a day.  "Only" 45-60 minutes most days.  Seriously?  I remember a time when I would have considered that an amazing level of activity.  So, yeah, I've been tired and run down, and I haven't been getting double workouts in.  Since my half marathon, I haven't done any long runs.  I still am maintaining a level of activity from which I can easily build back up.

I can't stay high all the time, so I have to remember how it felt to be there.  Because, I will be there again.  July 29, 2012 seems like a great time for another huge peak...

Yesterday's HBBC points: 0
Last Week's total: 35


  1. I am frustrated with the slow down too. I have been sick after the marathon and cant shake it. I worry I am going to lose what I worked so hard for!!
    I have not forgotten about you, but the cuff I need to send you is sitting on my desk right now! I will get it out on Monday...SORRY!

  2. I constantly feel this way (without all of the major jumps in progress). I feel like my training, eating, dedication to everything waxes and wanes constantly. I'll eat and/or exercise really good for 3 or 4 days and then BAM! Out to dinner and I feel sick from overeating and no exercise today. Then I'll climb back on the wagon for a few more days either because my friends will cajole me into it or the weather will be nice and then I hit a wall again because my knee is tweaked or I have a tickle in my throat. I'm glad to know it is at least a little normal, but I worry that I won't ever get the high you speak of. Chin up. Today is a new day for more veggies and more exercise. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I think you and are in similar places. We both had great PRs this year. Seemed like every time I raced I PRd and PRd big! It was awesome, but I'm also at the place where I just can't do any least for now. Now I'm just desperately trying to get thru this marathon training so I can give my body some much needed rest. I feel like I have been training...fairly hard since last March!

  4. I feel like this too....I'm still getting faster but overall in regards to running I just feel kind of frustrated b/c I haven't been as good at getting myself motivated since the weather change. BLAH. I hope everyone feels better!

  5. I have no doubt that you are still going higher. You are willing to put the work in and do what it takes. Now granted the PR's might not be so substantial, but I think you are going to continue to improve by leaps and bounds.

  6. totally hear you on this...the other day i was like oh, i ONLY ran for 45 minutes..because i was used to run for 3 plus hours when i was marathon training. But back then, i would have given anything to have a break when i was out pounding the pavement! its hard to take a break but it really is the best thing for our bodies!