Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maybe I need to change my blog name again

Depending how long you've been following, you may or may not know that I haven't always been DebTris.  I started out as DebShrinks, and changed it close to a year ago when I realized my blog had become more of a triathlon blog and less of a diet blog.

Now, I am considering renaming my blog again.  I'm thinking:


What do you think?  Or is it a bit too long for a url?

On the plus side, I am loving the age my children are getting to.  I remember being sick when I had two kids under the age of two.  They slept horribly and needed me so much.  I remember being a pathetic ball of sickness and still having to drag myself around to take care of them.

This morning, Sweetpea thoughtfully slept in until 9:00 am.  Spud got up at 7:00, but I gave him free reign with muffins and told him I wasn't feeling well.  I stayed in bed while he ate breakfast and played.  The only casualty was the muffins which I'd planned to use for school snacks.  They might not have been the best breakfast, but they were homemade and whole grain, so I'm not feeling at all bad about it.  He let me stay in bed until Sweetpea got up.  Life is good.


  1. why don't you just call it "Deb's still tri-ing" :) or keep it the same.

    your blog title doesn't have to define you. if you google how to get more followers or any of that crap the one rule that most will say is don't stray too far from your topic or genre. - WRONG if you look at all the really successful blogs they write about whatever they want. for the most part they have one middle ground topic but you can bascially do whatever you want, b/c it's YOUR blog :D

  2. Still?? Enough with the germs!!

    Glad to hear the kids are allowing you to rest, which is probably what you need the most.

  3. I like the play on words. I hope you feel better soon! I'm recovering too and it sucks!! lame.

  4. ugggh that sucks.

    I love the new name though! Much easier to remember, and it's descriptive too! :)

    Feel better sooooooon!!!!!

  5. Sorry...that sucks...I think you just go ahead keep it the same :)

    I am sick too. It sucks. Hope we are both feeling better soon!

  6. Sorry you are still fighting the sickness, but glad you got to sleep in. Now that mine have to be at school at 7:30, there is no such thing - lunches have to be made, backpacks have to be checked and kids driven to school. But I remember taking care of a a 3.5 year old with the flu just a couple days after I had my gallbladder out and felt like crap. So I definitely know what being sick yourself and still having to be a mom can be like. Get better soon. And keep the shorter blog title :)