Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three things Thursday - Weather, sickness, and signing up

1. I'm in the obsessive weather checking and guessing stage now.

With my half marathon only 3 days away, I am obsessively checking the weather.  It doesn't look too bad.  A high of 4c (39f) and low of -3c (27f).  In terms of temperature, I consider those almost perfect for a running race.  My only concern is the potential for slippery spots.  It's supposed to snow the day before, and if the temps then get slightly above freezing, it could melt, freeze again and get slippery.  I don't have control over that though, so I'm just going to have to deal with what comes.

2. Sickness

This has been a rough week.  Spud has a cold, and in our house, that means he gets croup at night.  That meant three brutal nights and not enough sleep.  It also meant that I lost my run on Tuesday because he didn't go to school and I didn't want to do it right before spin class.  Not happy about that, but I'm trying to remember that I've done the training already.  Losing one run during taper is not going to make or break my race.  Right?

3. Signing up

Does anyone else have to really pysch themselves up to sign up for your big races?  I'm like that.  If it's just a little race for me, no big deal.  But a new distance, or one that I have big goals for?  I get nervous just signing up.   But...  Now, it's official.  I just finished the registration for the Calgary 70.3.  On July 29, 2012, I will be completing my first half ironman.  What have I done?


  1. With the cold, watch out for ice near the aid stations and the water spills and freezes a little rendering it very slippery.

    Yea on the 70.3! Let me know if you want/need any advice.

  2. What race are you doing this weekend?? Either way, good luck with it!

    And you signed up for a half ironman? Craziness, but I know you will kick it's butt! :)

  3. I know you will rock the tri. you just have to stick to the training plan and nature takes over right? Or is that childbirth? My marathon is calling for a low of 68f and a high of 83f. Ugh, I might melt!! Taper happy!

  4. Woohoo!!! So excited for you! With the progress you have been making you will do great at the 70.3 distance!

    Good luck this weekend temps sound good hope there is no ice. Have a blast!

  5. Prayers for a safe and awesome run this weekend. Congrats on the signing up for the half. I'm in awe. I didn't get that nervous about signing up for my first tri - had many thoughts of the "what have I done" after they said "GO!" I'm sure you'll do awesome. Interested to hear what your training plan looks like for the half and when you will start it. Hope everyone feels better soon. We went through some of that croupy cough stuff about 6 weeks ago. ICK to no sleep!

  6. Congrats that's so exciting!!!! I am still "planning" to do a Half Iron next year buy haven't pulled the trigger on actually registering. With all my injuries latley I'm just worried about my ability to actually do it. But anyway....about you....Awesome!!!

    Hope your race goes well this weekend and the weather is good.

  7. Don't worry about the missed run, nothing you do 2 weeks prior to a race will help you on race day. You have done the work already!! Enjoy the race.

    Congrats on the sign up. You will have fun and I am sure will do well. You have lots of time to train and you will be ready!

  8. Good luck with your half!

    And Congrats on signing up for your first half ironman! I signed up for Sylvan Lake a couple weeks ago and about 24 hours later, nearly shit myself. hahaha. It's my first half iron as well so looking forward to following your training!

  9. EXCITING!! I love registering for races too, there is a registration 'high' after knowing you're commiting to something awesome!

    Dont forget the wee bit of 'oh my gawd wut have I done!!???', scary stuff when its a new unexplored distance! lol

    Enjoy the journey!!