Monday, January 4, 2010

Being ready

One of the things that I can't stress enough is the importance of being ready when you start your journey to better health.

A month and a half ago, I had been trying to lose weight had been spinning my wheels for a long time. I decided I needed a break. I stopped tracking my food. I virtually stopped exercising. I went crazy with food. I was probably eating an entire days worth of calories before noon. I gained another 10 pounds.

Through this process though, I learned some important lessons.

I wasn't even enjoying my food. I don't want to be shoving cookies and cakes into my mouth like they mean nothing. When I am eating well, a small piece of chocolate is delicious and wonderful indulgence. Any kind of treat had lost it's meaning and I didn't even taste it.

The extra 10 pounds has made it even more obvious the strain I've been putting on my body. I've had a noticeable decline in energy. I've found it harder to get up and hard to do things. My already limited wardrobe became even more limited when I found out I couldn't do up one of my 3 pairs of pants. If 10 pounds was having that much of an effect, had I just stopped noticing the effect of the other 50?

Stopping exercise contributed even more to my lack of energy. Sometimes I don't feel like starting a workout, but there's no denying that I always feel good after. In fact I don't think I have ever regretted it. I certainly can't say that about eating a pastry.

This wasn't who I wanted to be.

So I made a decision. I made a decision to change. I decided that after the holidays I was going to do this and I was going to finish it.

Now, in most situations, I think once you make one of these decisions, it's best to follow through immediately. But, this ended up working for me. I continued with my bad habits, and all the time started to question why? I got impatient to begin and started looking forward to the day when I was going to put the overeating, lethargic Deb behind me.

And I've done it. I have a long way to go physically, but now I've won the mental part of the game. I am ready. I am more ready then I have ever been in my life. I'm not doing this to fit into a smaller dress or wear a bikini. I'm not doing it for my husband, friends, or even my children. I am doing this for me. I am doing it because it's what I want and what I need.

I choose not to use words like trying, attempting, failing. Rather, I am doing, succeeding, and winning.


  1. WOW Deb this is really inspiring! I will contiue to follow your journery and look forward to reading all about your Successes!!!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!


  2. i'm soooooooooooo like you!!!
    and each of your entries so far is better than the last (and i've only read two!!!)