Friday, January 29, 2010

Should you be replacing food with food?

The meeting topic at weight watchers this week was how to recognize the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. After discussing how to recognize it, the question came up: What should you do when you are not physically hungry but are lonely, stressed, tired, etc?

Person after person suggested the snacks that they go to when they need a low points solution. Apples, popcorn, vegetables, soup...

I sat there thinking: This is why we all need to lose weight. This is why we are all sitting in this room.

To change your mindset and have food stop controlling you, it isn't just a matter of choosing a different food. When you don't physically need to eat, food is not the solution. It doesn't matter if all you're eating is celery. You are still eating it to fill a void that food can't fill. That piece of celery won't do much damage to your waistline, but you haven't accomplished anything in dealing with why you need to eat. You are playing a game, not changing your habits.

I don't think the solution to this problem is the same for everyone. Some things that I find help are to journal, blog, exercise, or do crafts. Get some me time, go take a bath, go for a walk, or paint your nails. Some of these things will work for some people, some of the time.

But, I do know what the solution is not. The solution is not to eat. It doesn't matter what you are eating.

What are things that you do when you aren't hungry but feel like eating?

And, my weekly news. Yesterday I weighed in at 236.0 pounds, for a weekly loss of 2.6 and a total loss of 7.8!


  1. This is interesting. Last year I was about 10 lbs heavier. I spent a lot of time doing home improvement projects around the house over the summer and that really helped me to stop mindlessly eating. I tend to eat when I watch tv and I watch tv because I'm bored.

    If you can find something productive to do where you see a result, it makes it even nicer. I like your idea to paint your nails or something else where you can visibly see that you've done something.

  2. Great job on the loss this week and so far!

    Great post on this, something to think about for sure. I for one have not learned even after 2 straight years on WW, I still go to food.

  3. I have used and abused my body for so long that I can power thru a whole day without signs of hunger but then WATCH OUT around 7 pm hunger kicks in with a vengeance and I can’t stop. I roll from one unhealthy crutch food to the next without coming up for air.

    For me I really need to take the time thru out the day to eat small amounts of healthy foods frequently. I have really noticed on days my daughter isn’t around to ask about meal times if I don't make a point of stopping to eat it just doesn't happen until my friend ferociously hungry arrives at 7.