Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kitchen Gadgets - Apple slicer and Corer

Those who know me well know that I love kitchen gadgets and small appliances. I think some of this stems from not having a lot of extras growing up. I was never left needing the necessities, but my parents didn't buy a lot of luxuries. If we could make do with one tool, why buy a different tool that will only do one job?

Well, when I grew up and moved out on my own, I discovered why. I discovered that there are all kinds of tools, gadgets and small appliances that are made to do a certain job perfectly. Why make do with a spoon to scrape out a bowl when what you really need is a spatula. Thus, began my obsession...

Today, I introduce you to one of my newest kitchen gadgets. The apple corer.Now, I have never been a huge eater of apples. Don't get me wrong. I've always liked them enough to eat them occasionally, but I didn't enjoy the experience of eating them. For some reason, I don't enjoy biting into an apple that much. I always liked them better sliced up, but didn't feel like taking the time to do so very often.

Now I have an apple corer. I requested this particular kitchen gadget as a Christmas gift mainly to make it quicker when I make apple based desserts, such as apple crisp. Once I started using it though, I didn't stop. Apples for breakfast, in yogurt, with peanut butter, as an afternoon snack... Truly, I am loving apples right now. My favourite is to have the apple in plain, homemade yogurt with some cinnamon sprinkled on. Yummy!

It's so simple to use. You put your apple on a cutting board, then line the corer up on top of it. If the apple has the skin on, you have to wiggle it a bit to get through the skin initially. (I like my apples peeled sometimes, but so much of the nutrition is right under the skin, so you should eat it with the skin most of the time.)
Push down on the corer and it slices right through your apple, giving you a core for compost pile and nicely cut pieces to munch on.
Have it with an ounce of cheese and you've got yourself a nice healthy, tasty snack!

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  1. My husband laughed at me when I brought home an apple corer/slicer but know it is his favourite gadget!!!