Tuesday, July 27, 2010

100 pushups

So, since starting the triathlon training, I haven't been doing much in the way of strength training. Okay. That's not true. I haven't been doing anything in the way of strength training. Truth is, I'm just not so excited about working out inside right now. I figure that will come soon enough when winter arrives.

Not only that, but I really don't feel like I have the time. I bike, run, and swim 3 times a week each. That's 9 total workouts, 6 of which already have to happen around my childrens' sleep schedule. Fitting in another 2-3 for strength training just isn't happening right now. I know lack of time is one of those stereotypical excuses and if I prioritized it, I could make it happen. I'm just not that interested in prioritizing it right now.

Enter the 100 push up challenge. Every morning, I get out of bed and do 100 push ups before I start my day.

Umm, okay, well no. I don't. But the idea is that I could do 100 push ups, eventually.

Push ups are one of those things I've never been particularly good at. But, there's no arguing that they are a superb exercise for working virtually all your arm muscles plus your shoulders and core.

You're supposed to start off by seeing how many push ups you can do. Full body push ups? Well, no. For me, that would be knee push ups. In my initial test I did 14 knee push ups. I figure I'll do a few weeks of the program with knee push ups and then I'll try the test again with full body ones and see if I can start the program off there.

It's only a 5 minute commitment, 3 days a week, so I figure I can fit it in.

How many push ups can you do?


  1. Deb, I love that you make exercise simple. You use the tools available to you instead of putting something off because you don't have the latest gadget or equipment.

    The 100 Push Ups challenge is pretty cool. I'm a big believer in using your body weight to tone and strengthen your muscles - it increases bone density AND is effective!

    I can do 15 pushups on my knees in a row. But it's TOUGH!

  2. Your post inspired me to try, and the answer is...uh...six.

    In my defense I've been up for hours and I'm just eating breakfast now, but still, six is too low!

  3. Probably zero. I'll try a knee pushup, though. If you don't hear back from me in a couple of days... well, I could be in a body cast.....

    You rock, Triathlon Mom!