Friday, July 16, 2010

Signed up for a 5K!

Having a goal to work towards is always a good thing. Best case scenario is to have short term goals, mid-term goals and long term goals. My short term goals would be the goals I've chosen for this month. I've made no secret that my long term goals include doing a triathlon. However, since I still have a long ways to go with swimming, I can't realistically look at that for close to a year.

So, for something in between I've decided to do a 5K run. Deciding to do it is one thing. Actually signing up and committing to it is another. So after a bit of research and looking into it, I've chosen the Canmore Rocky Mountain 5K. This morning I pulled out my credit card and did the registration.

Barring any further setbacks, I'll finish the C25K program 2 weeks prior to this race, and therefore my goal will be to run the whole thing. Regardless though, I plan to do it and finish it. 5K is a very attainable goal and if for some reason, I can't run it all, I have no doubt I will be able to run where I can and walk the rest.

I'm looking forward to this. I make no secret of my love of the mountains. Since I also live close to the city, there's plenty of 5Ks available, but I'd much rather look at mountains and trees then concrete and sky scrapers.

What are you working towards right now?


  1. Way to go, Deb! That's a fantastic motivator!

  2. Excellent, good for you on signing up. I am working on weight loss at the moment. After another 20-30 pounds I hope to be able to transisiton from primarily walking to adding some jogging and then from there who knows.

  3. What a great goal and for a tremendous cause. I went to their website to check it out! I am working toward a 15 mile hike by the end of October. That would be a personal best mileage for a dayhike. Pretty sure I can do it. Some 15 mile hikes are a lot easier than the 11.2 mile I did up Mt. Cammerer two weeks ago.

  4. Great! If the view is what I can see in the picture, it's going to be really inspirational :)

  5. Good for you!!

    There is an award for you at my blog!

  6. 5K sounds like wonderful fun and a fantastic challenge! You're going to feel so good when you cross that finish line. :)

    Take lots of pics before and after. We'd love to see them!