Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't hit that snooze button!

Shortly after I started running, I decided the right time for me to do it was first thing in the morning. And I mean first thing. I have to be gone and back in time for my husband to go to work. That means getting up bright and early, around the same time the sun is getting up.

I've learned that one of the keys to is to get up when the alarm clock goes off. No laying in bed. No rolling over for a few more minutes. No hitting the snooze button.

I mean, really, if the 7 (or 4, 5 or 9) hours of sleep you've already gotten isn't enough, is 10 more minutes really going to make a difference? Not likely.

Hitting that snooze button does make a difference in your attitude and how you approach your day. It's like saying "not yet" or "I'm not ready".

Quite frankly, I've had 15 years of saying, "not yet". It has to become "now".

So, when that alarm clock goes off, I roll out of bed. My pre-run routine is pretty simple. Throw on the clothes I've (hopefully) laid out the night before, go to the kitchen and have a few bites of cereal and a couple swallows of water, put my shoes, ipod and maybe arm warmers on. Then I'm out the door. I don't really have to be awake for the above, so it works out. By the time I'm heading out that door, I'm good to go.

Last night wasn't the best. I only had to get up once for a child, but for whatever reason, I didn't sleep well. So, when the alarm clock went off this morning, I added a step to my routine.
I groaned.

Then I got on with it.


  1. I know what you mean, I had to force myself up this morning but I did it, and I ended up with extra time that I got some much needed things done in!

    I'm definitely a morning workout person, the evenings are a struggle that is much worse than just getting up with the alarm clock.

  2. This is an impressive attitude. I am so bad about getting up in the mornings, but I like how you mentioned that after 7 hours, in my case 8, what's another 10 minutes? Good way of thinking about it.

  3. Attitude is everything. But attitude isn't constant I have learned. I can wake up in a great mood and have the right attitude but come mid-day or evening the opposite has set in. Wich I knew the secret to keeping attitude constant. Choice has allot to do with it and usually I can choose to right the attitude when it wanes. but not always, part of being human I guess.

  4. Good for you! The snooze button is one of my worst habits. Sometimes I hit it over and over for an hour and a half.

  5. I wish I could do the same! Running in the morning makes me feel so sleepy all day long, I don't know why :/

  6. You will be ready for the triathlon before you know it! Go, Deb, Go!