Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Running and spitting

I've always viewed spitting as rude. Uncivilized. Unladylike (after all, those that know me know that I am always a lady). It's not something you should be doing in public. Now, I know some of you spitters will cringe at this, but I've always figured you should just swallow it.

Now, there are occasions where I could recognize the need to spit. After getting a bug in your mouth for instance. And... well, not much else.

Now, when I started running, I didn't initially carry water with me. I was only going for 30 minutes, at the most. I was walking as much as running. I was breathing hard, but it wasn't so long that I really needed any liquid.

Last week, when I started the third week of C25K, and doing 3 minute running intervals, I noticed that my mouth was starting to feel gummy. Bleck. I didn't have any water along. I told myself that was the reason why. Because I spit. I'll admit it. I hurled to gather up that phlegm and I spit it out.

So, on the weekend, I bought this:
photo source (in black)

It's cute and little. It carries more then enough water for a short morning run. The pockets are small, but I can stick my keys and some id in there. I figured that I should be able to take a drink rather then spit.

So, this morning, when I went out, I grabbed my new fuel bottle and headed out. Then turned around and came back home. Somehow, adding the fuel bottle to my morning routine made me forget my ipod, another essential piece of running equipment. Back out the door again.

Today, was the first day of week 4, and FIVE minute running intervals. There were also 3 minute running intervals, but those were the "easy" ones. As I ran along past the ponds I was getting that gummy feeling in my mouth. No problem, that's why I had water along. So, I took a sip. I finished the first 3 minutes, did a bit of a walk and then started my first 5 minute running interval. Back past the ponds, along the river. Man, that gummy feeling.

I took a bit of water in my mouth, swished it around a bit. Then SPIT.

What a lady.

On the plus side, I can run 5 minutes without stopping to walk now!

Tell the truth, do you spit?


  1. I'm totally a spitter when I run. Other runners will understand, but everyone else will think you're disgusting - just embrace it!

  2. Deb, you are doing a fantastic job with C25K! What an inspiration!

    I've spit when running outside. Obviously not at the gym, though sometimes I see the "gym dudes" spit into the water fountain and it makes me cringe.

  3. I spit for the first time yesterday. Gross, but totally necessary!

  4. SPit, why yes i do. I am a guy so I honestly think nothing of it. Well done on the 5 minutes w/out stopping. I am almost there myself.

  5. Spit if you must! Why should men get all of the gross behaviors for themselves?

    Great job on the training! Five minutes - WOW!

  6. That is the coolest bottle I've ever seen!

    There is an award for you on my blog. Here:


    If you don't do awards, don't feel stressed about this. Just enjoy knowing that you are appreciated.


  7. Great job on your training!!

    I'm with you...I think spitting is GROSS! I'm constantly gripping at my hubby when he does it. However, I have spit a time or two. When my sinuses are clogging then draining...totally eww!