Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Letter to guy at the pool

Dear new swimmer,

I can see you are new to swimming. That's okay. Guess what? Me too! I started less then 2 months ago.

Having said that, there are some very basic rules of etiquette when you decide to swim laps at a time when there are 4 people per lane. I read the sign on the wall at the pool that gives basic guidelines. I also used a bit of common sense. You might want to think about doing the same.

A couple tips:

1. Stay to the right of the lane. It is not okay to swim down the middle when there are people coming both ways. Would you drive down the middle of the road? No. Didn't think so.

2. If you must stop mid-lap, at least try to move out of the way so people can get past you.

3. The sign mentions that you should let faster swimmers pass you at the wall. This doesn't mean take a rest at the wall and then push off when I am seconds away from it. I'm going twice the speed of you. I'm going to catch up to you in about 3 seconds.

4. Don't take my flutterboard. Yes, I realize that the flutterboards belong to the pool. However, I got that flutterboard and put it at the end of the lane because I use it every couple of laps. Get out of the pool and get your own from the pile if you want one.

5. If you do take my flutterboard, at least leave it at the end of the lane. Don't leave it on the side of the pool halfway down the lane.

It's great to try new things. Good for you. However, please use a bit of common sense and educate yourself a minimal amount before you go to the pool again. If you had your own pool at home, you'd be free to do whatever you wanted. Since the pool is a shared space, please try not to affect the rest of us so profoundly.

Thank you,


Other new swimmer


  1. I laugh, but I also feel your pain!

    I have no problems swimming in our complex pool, but if I was to go lane swimming at a public pool I think I'd freak out because I'd be so concerned about irritating other swimmers.

    Maybe you could mention to the lifeguard that this other new swimmer could use a gentle lesson in lane swimming etiquette?

  2. Good lesson on swimming makes me really wish I had a pool to go to though....I love to swim!

    If he had taken my flutterboard I would have thrown it at his head when he left it halfway along the lane...or at very least imagined doing it and laughing.

  3. LOL :) Your swimming posts make me laugh, love your writing, I know exactly what you mean! I grew up doing swim team, so I know how you feel.

  4. LOL! I knew there were rudies at my gym, but I didn't know you could get them at the pool too!

  5. I remember your letter to the lifeguard and how much I liked it. This one is better! Really funny, and therapeutic, I hope.