Friday, July 30, 2010

I am NOT pregnant.

"We need to make sure your bike is safe, especially since you are expecting a little one."

If ever there were words to remind me to keep going with this journey, it is these ones. Spoken by a bicycle technician last night, when I had my bike serviced.

I just looked at him a little blankly, trying to recall the conversation we had had. Had I somehow referred to my children in such a way that he'd think I was pregnant? No. One possible conclusion: I look like I'm pregnant.

Ironically, when I actually was pregnant, it took a long time to show. I weighed 35 (first) and 15 (second) pounds more then I currently do when got pregnant. All the extra weight hid the baby belly fairly well and I think the only thing that made it obvious early on was the fact that I wore maternity clothes.

No need for maternity clothes now. Apparently I look pregnant without them.

When I got home, I asked my husband if my outfit made me look pregnant. He looked thoughtful and with a scared expression nodded and said "kind of".

I went to the mirror, and sure enough, I can see how the mistake would happen. Particularly if I slouch a certain way. I actually look more like I am 5 months pregnant then when I was 5 months pregnant.


Okay, so just a tip to all of you out there. Never, ever, ever, refer to a woman as being pregnant unless you have either been told she is, or she is so pregnant she's ready to pop. Just don't do it. Ever.


  1. oh you are soooo right!!! That has happened to me a few times (been referred to as pregnant when I wasn't) Twice it was by men who opened mouth inserted foot, and lucky they didn't get kicked where it counts if you know what I mean!

    Don't do it..ever ever ever!

  2. Someone once asked me the same question, as a joke of course, referring to my size. I didn't think it was all that funny. They let me out during the arraignment with nothing to show on my record.

  3. I learned this the hard way long ago... never ever ever will I ever again refer to a woman as pregnant. Not even if she gives me medical documentation from her doctor, no way. Not a fun mistake to make, not one I will chance repeating.

  4. OUCH, sorry that happened to you! I remember when I first started on my big WW diet at the age of 29, a grocery store checker made a remark about me being pregnant when I wasn't. Doesn't feel good.

    NO, one should NEVER, NEVER assume the pregnancy of a woman. NEVER!

    Fugettaboutit, and have a nice weekend!

  5. ack. I, too, have had that happen.

    I've had the opposite happen, too. When I WAS pregnant, I lost weight and people thought I was just fat. sigh.

    You know, though, some of the current styles in tops make everyone look pregnant! They do.

    I'm sure that was the biggest part of the confusion.


  6. Rule #1, unless someone is wearing a shirt that says something like "Baby on Board" never mention pregnancy. My brother once came to town and upon seeing me gave me a big hug and congratulated me on the pregnancy that I wasn't experiencing. It was the days of the loose fitting denim jumper. I never wore that thing again!

  7. When I was heavier, someone asked if I was "in the family way."
    I thought they were asking if I were gay.
    Gay people often say "We are family!"
    So it was heavy-handed mix-up for sure!

    Not preggers, btw!