Saturday, July 3, 2010

A review of June, and setting goals for July

Last month, setting specific goals helped me. Even though I had to re-evaluate and change them mid-month, it gave me something to work towards. It also helped to have the goals be weekly things. That way it seemed like smaller steps.

After my overuse injury, my goals were:

1. Finishing my swimming lesson.

Did that. I felt like I accomplished a lot in that lesson. Learning the skills for swimming are what I needed to get over my fear of it. I still have a ways to go, but I'm at the point where I can use a lot of practice, and I'll take another lesson in a couple months.

2. Conquer my fear of the deep end of the pool and swim laps 1-2 times a week.

I swam laps twice a week, in addition to my swimming lesson. I'm going to admit that the deep end still makes me occasionally nervous, but

3. Get to the mountains at least 2 more times this month.

We had a family picnic in the mountains with my my mother, brother and his family, where we went on a fast passed walk/hike led by excited 3 year olds. Then there was the trip to yamnuska.

4. Do what I can in regards to biking, running, and hiking.

I had to wait a couple weeks to get back into this, and that was hard. Having said that, I'm glad I had the patience because when I started again, I was able to do it without pain or re-injuring my knee. In the final week of June I was able to start running and got 2 runs in. I also started biking again and hiking. I consider this goal achieved.

I'm really glad I changed my goals midway. It's one thing to set high goals and work to achieve them, but one of the keys with goal setting is to make them attainable. When they no longer are, it's time to reevaluate.

Now, my goals for July.

1. Swim twice a week, run three times a week, bike three times a week.

I'd like to swim more, but the pool hours are more restrictive in the summer.

2. Hike at least 4 times in the month.

I'd like to get at least 3 hikes in that are "real" hikes, meaning we're carrying the kids and going a decent pace and distance. 1 or more hikes may be the type where the kids walk and we go at toddler pace.

3. Take 1 day a week as either a rest day or an active rest day.

So yeah, if you count up the number of workouts I plan to do, between all my activities, it's a lot. Having said that, the runs and swims are usually only 30-45 minutes, so I feel good about doubling up some activities. Regardless, it's easy to go, go, go, and never take a break. Setting this goal is a reminder that sometimes I need to take it easy.

4. Track my food intake at least 5 days a week.

I've said before that it's not about the food. I still believe that and think there's a danger in obsessing over food too much. Having said that, my weight loss has not been what I've wanted and I think keeping a closer eye on my food intake will kick start the losses again.

I am going to allow a bit of flexibility in. We're going camping next week, so I may not hit my goals for that week. Having said that, our camping trips are very active, so even if I'm not swimming or running, I'm likely doing extra hiking to make up for it.

I'm also very focused on paying attention to my body this month. Last month, the reason I had to reevaluate my goals was because I ignored the warning signs my body was sending me and pushed too hard. That set me back weeks in running and biking. This month that won't happen.

I still believe in setting my goals as things I want to do rather then things I want to have happen. I do still want to become a super fit triathlete that looks smoking hot in a black dress, but I can only hope that will be the result of my work in achieving my goals.


  1. Start searching for that slinky black dress girl, you've got what it takes!

  2. Why Deb, I didn't know you were aiming to look smoking hot in a black dress! A revelation!

    All of the athletic/healthy goals you've set, and that's the one I picked up on first, even though you mentioned it last.

    OK, all of that other stuff will get you to the SHBD goal. So, go for it!