Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buying too small clothes

Do you ever buy clothes that are too small for you?

For a long time, I thought this was a bad idea. It can be downright depressing to look at a closet full of too small clothes and many of us already have smaller sizes there. Aside from that, just because something is the right size (eventually), it doesn't mean you'll love the way it looks on you. Plus, once you actually get to that size, you deserve the shopping trip as a treat.

Having said that, there are times when it can be worth it. That time is when you can get good sales. Everybody loves a sale, and when you can scan the sales rack for multiple sizes, it's that much more likely you'll walk away with a good deal. The jeans I am currently wearing are ones I picked up last spring for $8. I don't love them, but they are a great in between wardrobe solution.

Right now, Running Skirts is having a sale. Now, admittedly, the skirts aren't at some crazy good price of 80% off, but they are 50% off, which is pretty good. I ordered 2 skirts and they arrived yesterday.

These skirts don't fit me right now. Well, not prettily anyways. That's alright though, because if you've read any of my recent posts about running, I'm currently doing it in frigid temperatures. Short skirts and bare legs don't mix well with -20c (-4f).

Come spring time though, I'm going to be sporting one of these cute skirts on the running trails.

What about you? Do you ever buy too small clothing, or are you waiting till you are actually there?


  1. Half my closet is full of stuff that I have bought or gotten from other people that still have tags on them.. and then i have the stuff that I wore when I got skinny the first time.. So I definitely agree that sometimes it's so worth it.. :)

  2. I have bought a couple pairs of jeans over the years that were a tad too small, but that's about it.
    That is a great deal though!

    You will love the skirts come spring time!

  3. I buy too small clothes for inspiration and hope.

  4. How funny! I just wrote about that. Mostly I don't buy too small clothes. But you're right--a good sale and the clothes will be there waiting for you is worth it. I have bought a few, though, that stayed too small. And even though they weren't that much money, its still a bit of a downer.

    Gotta say, I'm in awe of your triathlon training. You go Deb!