Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three things Thursday

The pool is currently a ghost town

I went swimming yesterday and it was dead. There were 2 other people swimming laps, and they were both regulars that I see all the time. I'm thinking it may be like this most of December and then January things will get crazy busy.

My Children are adorable in their Christmas outfits.

Today was Spud's preschool party (which we all went to). I was going to dress them casually when he insisted he had to wear his Christmas hat and shirt. Sweetpea decided that her cute pink outfit wasn't enough and she too needed her Christmas dress on. So, they were rather overdressed. But, they're cute, so what does it matter?

Photo taken by
Melinda Gombert

There's something very wrong with my tastebuds.

Spud, Sweetpea and I made cookies for his preschool party. He insisted that the oatmeal cookies needed chocolate chip rather then the usual raisins. While I was eating one (yeah, should have skipped that), all I could think was: this tastes better with raisins.

What self respecting woman prefers raisins over chocolate?


  1. I totally agree with this post. Your kids are super cute and oatmeal raisin cookies should stay oatmeal raisin. I worked at a restaurant where the oatmeal raisin cookies had no cinnamon. There's some craziness!

  2. Your kids are super adorable! I love his hat.

    and as for the cookies? You're a much better(healthier) woman than me.

  3. The pool I swim at has been very quiet the last little while, except for one busy day earlier this week.

    My rule is not to trust a woman that doesn't like chocolate. She may have other perversions I can't cope with. But I do have to admit chocolate doesn't go with everything.

  4. Your kids are so cute!! Love Spud's hat!

    Sorry- can't relate. I LOVE chocolate, especially over raisins!