Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weigh in and weekly goals

This week I weighed in at 204.8 for a weekly loss of 1 pound and a total loss of 39 pounds. I am neither thrilled nor devastated by that weigh in. I would have liked more, but it was a rough week for me and I did not get all my workouts in. I'll take that 1 pound and add to it later.

This week my goal was to stretch after all my workouts. Unfortunately, when I say I didn't get my workouts in, I'm not kidding. I spent most of my evenings (after the kids went to bed) hunched over a little table making hair clippies. I didn't sleep well, as I was up too late, too often, preparing for the craft fair. Plus my children have decided to start waking up at night again. I got in 1 swim and 1 run. Blah. I stretched a tiny bit after the run and completely forgot after the swim.

No wonder I only lost 1 pound.

This sounds like a rather whiny post. For that I apologize. Whiny section is over and now it's time to get to the dealing section.

First of all, it's making me see that if I am going to do craft fairs again next year, I have to plan much better and much further ahead. IF I am going to do them. I'm not enjoying being a clippie factory anymore. The money I make for the time I put into it is pretty low, so that doesn't even make up for it. It may be time to prioritize and cut less productive things out of my life so that I can focus on what is more important to me. This year, my family time suffered significantly as did my sleep and workouts.

The good news is, I finished my final craft fair this weekend! Now I have the time to devote to my family and myself again.

This weeks goal is a repeat of one I've done before. Sleep. I simply have not been getting enough of it and I'm feeling it. So, I will be going to bed early again - around 9:30. My daughter pretty consistently gets up by 6:30, and right now, I am expecting at least one overnight wake up. A bedtime of 9:30 will set me up to function better during the day.

As we're approaching Christmas, I'm not changing too much of my regular routine. The week of Christmas, my husband is off of work, so it should actually be easier in most ways. I intend to take advantage of opportunities to get to the pool during morning lane swims and run during daylight.

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