Monday, December 6, 2010

The cold isn't as bad I thought it was

It happens every year. We get summer (or some imitation of it), then fall, then we get hit with a huge snowstorm. People drive super slow and everyone complains about how cold it is. I'm no exception. When it got cold, I immediately stopped running outside and tried to commence hibernation.

The problem is, running at the track is boring.

Not only that, but I don't like being too hot anyways. So, why was I whining about how cold it was when I could easily dress myself up to be warm?

Yesterday, I did another 10 km (6.2mi) run with Jen and group. I actually overdressed a bit. I think I've almost got my running wardrobe figured out for the time being: wool socks, light weight long johns (top and bottom), running tights, long sleeved shirt, windshirt, vest, toque. I could have dropped the vest yesterday and I definitely needed a lighter weight hat. Maybe Santa (or my husband) will get me a new one. I have a few other items I can add when it gets colder and I can take some away.

Now, my big hangup is running when it's cold and dark. I am fortunate in that I have opportunities to run during daylight quite a bit. But, my race is going to be after dark, and I can't keep running at the track just because I have to do an evening or morning run.

Do you run in the cold and dark? Do you worry more about slipping when you can't see the path as well?


  1. Track is better than treadmill but neither is good for a long run! Wow you sure wore a lot of clothes! I think I have figured out the right amount of clothing for this weather... It isn't that cold out. I find wearing a headband helps because it keeps my ears warm without overheating my head. You need to ask Santa for a headlamp! They are the best for the dark runs. I do find I watch where I am running more in the uneven terrain. You have to!! I will definitely do some long runs with you guys on Sundays!

  2. I run in the dark sometimes, and I find it scary - in terms of tripping over something. The last thing I want is an injury, so I can relate to you. The headlamp sounds interesting...pretty hard core!

  3. I actually have a headlamp in my hiking gear. I really should suck it up and make use of it.

  4. I can't believe you were wearing all those clothes!! Dude I would have died. I had on:

    Lululemon regular pants
    Long-sleeve fleecy top

    My legs were a bit cold, and I wasn't loving the wind just before we turned around, but I wouldn't have worn anything more!