Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa came early...

...and brought me something pretty darn fabulous.

That folks, is a 2010 Marin Stelvio 105. She has a full carbon frame and shimano 105 components. Once I switched out the seat (torture device) that came with her, she felt great. I also got a trainer, but I can't wait until I can ride her outside.

The thing I didn't get yet was shoes and pedals (just have cheap platform pedals on her at the moment). The shop where I got her didn't have any shoes I liked, so I decided to hold off on the pedals until I get shoes. What type of clipless pedals do you use on your road bike? What do you like/dislike about them?


  1. Look Keo Classic:


    Easy to clip in and out.

    The wide platform is comfortable and confidence-inspiring.

    The adjustable tension makes them hold securely while permitting easy exit.

    Unlike my previous cleats, you can actually walk on these ones. Not much, but enough to get the bike outside.

    Low profile, good cornering clearance. I did find the limit on one of them, but the scrape is easily touched up with black magic marker.

    We quite literally trust our lives to our bicycles and their components. I trust these pedals enough to do hard standing sprints out of bumpy corners.

  2. Wow, a 2010 Marin Stelvio 105... Sweet ride! Ho Ho Ho Way 2 Go!

  3. Awesome!!! Santa has been very good to you! :)

  4. Congrats!! You must have been a very good girl this year!! Have fun spinning!

    I will have to check to see what pedals and shoes I have... don't know off the top of my head!!