Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekly weigh in and goals

This weeks weigh in: no change.

Looking back at the week, I had some challenges. I had a mini meltdown at one point wondering whether I was actually going to be capable of doing this triathlon thing - I went kind of off track that day. There was my husband's Christmas party, and while portion sizes were reasonable, I did have wine and desert. There was a trip to the walk in clinic (just a mild ear infection for Spud, nothing serious) with a four hour wait at dinner time followed by a search for an open pharmacy on a Sunday evening. That resulted in some poor food choices.

That's life. I didn't always make the best choices, but I didn't make truly horrendous ones either. If a poor week for me is one where I maintain my weight, I'm doing alright.

That doesn't mean I can keep it up like that though. I've been giving it some thought, and by the end of April, I'd really like to be able to start shifting my focus from weight loss to triathlons. Truthfully, I would have liked to switch my focus earlier, but I think that with the weight I have left to lose, April is a realistic time line.

It's tricky balancing weight loss and training, but at this point, my runs will still be benefited immensely by me losing more weight. Looking at my before and current pictures this week opened my eyes up to how far I've come, but I'm not there yet. Not by a long shot.

The upside of this week is I had some fantastic runs. I've been upping my mileage and it's feeling great. I also have figured out how to manage my asthma during the winter, which has made a phenomenal difference.

Last week's goal was to get more sleep. I must admit that it was an almost complete fail. A few nights there were legitimate reasons why I couldn't get to bed early enough. Other nights I chose to do other things rather then go to bed. Plus, my children didn't cooperate on that score and woke up far too often at night. Not something I can keep up. I really do need to sleep more, but I think imposing a 9:30 bedtime on myself might be shooting too high. 10:00 may be more realistic on a regular basis.

This week's goal is to get back to basics. Track my food. Eat clean. I've been eating less fruits and veggies lately, and I simply don't feel as good as I did before. It's not just about the calorie count. It's making those calories count by eating the foods that keep my body functioning the best it can.

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