Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy things you start thinking about when the roads are covered with snow...

How on earth am I going to ride my bike down hills? It's going to go FAST, right? Yeah, I have brakes, but how am I going to keep it under control?

Does anyone else see how crazy it is to ride a little metal frame, at the speed cars go down hills, with the only protection being a helmet?


  1. Oh but it's so much fun after the climb up the hill!

  2. A bike, in the snow, on the roads makes me twitching. A lot twitchy. Even on the bike path makes me nervous. But in the summer, going down hills fast is the whole point. Really fast. Speeding ticket fast.
    The orange looks great!

  3. Yes it is scary the first few times but it is such a relief after a difficult uphill!!

    I find braking on a downhill is even scarier!

  4. YES!!! Absolutely!! Biking down hills is for crazy people. I squeeze the crap out of my brakes and its very strerssful. I much prefer riding up!!

  5. Car speed??? I like to pass the cars on the downhills!

    But seriously, start slow; learn how to brake ... Sheldon Brown wrote a good article on the topic. You can find it here:

  6. My only goal with snow is to not fall or crash. I could not imagine being productive! You are awesome!