Friday, January 28, 2011

Sometimes slower is harder

This morning I did an early morning run. Getting out there reminds me that I've missed those 5am runs. There's something so peaceful about running at that time. The air seems fresher and smells nice. It also gets my day off to a great start. As nice as it is anyways, I can't wait until the days get longer and I actually get to see the sunrise while I run.

Having said that, it wasn't all roses this morning. We've had some beautiful weather here lately. Above freezing temperatures that have made for great park trips and have broken the stir crazy phase the last cold snap put us into. It is still cold enough to freeze overnight though.

This combination made for some nasty sidewalks for my early morning run. The snow melted enough yesterday to make lots of little puddles and wet patches on the sidewalks. Then, it froze.

This meant a constant run/walk combination. It did keep me on my toes, but I felt like every time I was starting to get into a rhythm, it was broken by stopping for ice. I have grown to love running, but I still have to convince myself to keep going for the first couple minutes. After that, I generally get into a rhythm and just do it. Today, the rhythm never happened and I had to convince myself over and over.

In the end, I did 6km of my planned 8km. Cutting it short ended up being mostly an issue of running out of time though, so I feel okay about it. For some odd reason, I can't finish a run as quickly when I keep having to walk.

I'm happy I finished the run, but I'm hoping the sidewalks will be nicer to me in the future.


  1. I know!! That ice is sneaky!! I almost bailed a few times this week.

    It's frustrating because you get out of a rhythm. I don't want to stop and walk (for once...)

  2. As much as I love the nice weather, the crappy sidewalks and roads always have me wishing for more MODERATE climates!

    I won't even attempt to run around my neighbourhood right now. I prefer to take the time to drive to the cleared pathways.

  3. I get to run tomorrow :) Oh how I have missed it!

  4. I'm so with you on the early morning runs...during the summer anyway. Being the old lady that I am I'm to scraed to try it in the dark when the roads have ice. I'm afraid I will fall and break something. As long as the roads are clear though I'm good. :) I love the peace with hardly any cars to worry about I will run down the middle of road.

  5. Agreed, the sidewalks here are bumpy, I've been twisting my feet even walking on them so have become close frenemies with the treadmill lately.

  6. How do you run on icy, snowy sidewalks? I'd be terrified of slipping and falling!! I can barely walk on the stuff, much less run. Do you have special gear, or any special tricks?