Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weigh in and going sugar free again

So my weight is once again stable. This week, it was at 202.6, which is exactly where I was 2 weeks ago. It always seems to be the same story with me when the weight loss stops. Either my portion sizes have grown, or I've fallen too far from eating clean.

So, this weeks goal is to sugar detox. For me, that means no refined sugar or carbohydrates. Proper portion sizes of whole grain carbohydrates. Extremely limited amounts of natural sugars like honey and maple syrup and only as ingredients in something else. Plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I feel my best when I eat like this. I have more energy and I'm less grumpy. My body functions better and I lose most of the sluggishness I sometimes feel.

Triathlon season is fast approaching and among other things, that means putting on a wetsuit. I'd actually like to drop most of the remaining pounds before I even have to book the wetsuit rental, so that I don't change my weight too much prior to wearing it for the races.


  1. Good luck with the sugar detox! I did pretty good this week but I'm going to have to really focus on sugar when I get back from vacation!

    You'll look great in your wetsuit no matter what! At least you'll be so distracted by your impending doom you won't be thinking about it!

  2. Sugar is always my downfall! I really try to stay away from it now.

  3. Good luck! You can do it! Sugar is my weakness also.

  4. Good luck!! I think I am off too and have been eating 80% veggies...

  5. Seriously good luck with the detox. If it makes you feel your best, I can see staying motivated to get it done!

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