Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My leg is feeling totally normal.

I had been getting a bit concerned about the shin pain I was having, but as of today, it's not bothering me at all. And that's considering I ran on it yesterday. It may not have ever been something to worry about. Perhaps in a few years I'll develop a better sense for which aches and pains are worrisome.

2. The resolution jacket is starting to grow on me.

I've even changed my profile picture to the one of me wearing it. It's really comfortable and I've enjoyed wearing it for my runs. The thing I didn't expect was that I'd start liking the colour! The day I picked up my race package, my mother commented that the colour suited me. At first, I thought she was crazy, but I think she may actually be right.

3. I'm not making New Year's resolutions.

I'll probably talk about resolutions and goals further in another post, but for now I may as well mention that I won't be making them this year. That's not to say that I have no goals right now. I do. Very concrete ones that I'm working towards. I just don't feel the need to set new ones simply because a new calendar year has begun.


  1. So happy your leg is OK! I get freaked out over every little twinge - it's hard to know sometimes! Better safe than sorry though.

    I agree the jacket does suit you!! I'm not loving the colour but I love the way it fits! Maybe blue next year??

    I'm not doing "resolutions" either, just getting on with the new year!!

  2. A lot of people I know (myself included) aren't making New Year's resolutions.

    I feel like I set a lot of objectives for myself throughout the year, so may as well just carry on with that.

    The jacket looks good!

  3. I reaffirmed my goals in December does that make them resolutions?