Monday, August 15, 2011

Do I pull the trigger?

Right now, I am sitting at the computer deciding whether to pull the trigger on a half marathon registration.

My last (and only) half mary was not superb. It was actually kind of brutal. I can chalk it up to constant sickness in the months before - causing me to miss a few long runs. I can chalk it up to horrible weather conditions. I can be proud of simply finishing - and I am. But...

But, I want to be proud of the outcome and the execution. I don't want to feel like I was defeated.

I want to do a half ironman next summer, and a half marathon is only part of that.

Given my primary goals of triathlons, this pushes running only races into the shoulder season, so I'm looking at November...

I want a redemption race.

I ran 16 km (10 mi) this morning. With three months to go till the half mary (two of which are after my "a" race triathlon), I can have very solid running mileage by then...

Why do I hesitate? Why don't I put my money where my mouth is and sign up for this race before it sells out?


  1. DO IT!

    This morning you were 5K away from a half ... I say, you can ALWAYS run 5K. That's the way I approached the half, actually. Just 4 5Ks and a sprint! :)

  2. I say do it too! You won't regret it :) Which race are you looking at?

  3. If you need a redemption race, go for it! It will help you mentally later.

  4. I'm hoping this is to late and that it's a done deal

    DO IT!

  5. Do it! Fernie has a nice looking half marathon in early October.

  6. That sounds just like me with the Frankfurt Marathon. You have a lot of time to build up your mileage - heck, you are already there with your 10 miler. You can only get faster.

  7. You're at 16k. As flipant as this sounds(and its not) its only 5k more. A November race is totally doable.

    And doing it will help with the confidence of a Half Ironman next year. So yeah Do It sign up lady.