Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. Never underestimate the effect your example has on your children

Neither my husband or I wear a watch anymore. You can get the time from your cell phone, car clock, computer, etc. For our recent backpacking trip though, we needed one, so I went and bought a cheap watch.

When Sweetpea saw it, she got very excited. She declared "a little running watch! For me!" (The only watch she's probably ever noticed is my garmin.) She then proceeded to put it on and ran around the house with her "running watch".

Sometimes we don't think our kids notice what we do, but they do notice. Believe me, they notice far more then we realize. They are sure to repeat something embarrassing in front of a group of people at some point, but for the time being, I'll enjoy seeing it when the things they notice and repeat are positive things.

2. Practice makes perfect (or at least better)

Since my recent bike fitting (where my saddle got raised a fair bit), I've had renewed nervousness about clipping and unclipping. Previously, I would unclip both feet and touch down on both sides. Doing so made me feel secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't fall over. Since having my saddle raised, I couldn't do that without being on my very tiptoes (like a ballerina en point) and tottering side to side. Probably comical to watch, but not so fun to do.

When I was leaving for my last ride, I realized that I had a fair bit of anxiety about getting out of town. There are three intersections I need to go through to get out of town, and one of them can be busy, and tough to make the left turn.

So, rather then heading right out for my ride, I rode around my subdivision, stopping, unclipping, clipping back in. Rinse. Repeat. I found it easier to get down out of the saddle and back into it then I though. Perhaps because it's now a necessity. Once I took off for the actual ride, it was with more confidence that I could manage the intersections.

3. More feedback at the pool

One of the ironmen at the pool is in the process of getting certified to coach. I think she's noticed me as someone she can practice on: I'm serious about swimming, but still have plenty of technique flaws that could use correction. I don't mind at all; I've noticed her as someone that knows what she's doing, after all. Yesterday, she gave me feedback on my kick. I'm bending my knees too much again, causing my hips to sink and my body to drag.

So, she gave me some tips on it, and watched me kick a set and then swim a set with more focus on the kick. I felt a huge difference. Now, I know that my kick usually sucks, and I have to admit that I don't love kicking. I also know that I need to work on it. Yeah, triathletes need to save their legs for the bike and run, but that's no excuse for lazy form. Especially when that lazy form causes drag.

She even gave me her workout card and suggested I try it. Now, I had noticed how many kicksets she was doing during that particular workout. In fact, the thought had occurred to me, "Man, that's a lot of kicking! That must suck." I don't have to do it, of course. I don't currently have a coach, so I set all my own workouts. I will do it though. I know it's good for me. (I guess it would be cheating to put flippers on for the kicksets?)


  1. I always wear a watch but I do find that when I forget it it really isn't that big of a deal. My wrist feels naked though!

    I only unclip one foot when stopped on my bike. I always unclip my right foot so it is second nature and I don't have to think about it. At first I feel a couple times because I would get off balance and fall towards the side that wasn't clipped but I just automatically lean towards the unclipped side now. This way I am only have to re-clip one foot when I get going again.

    I hate kicking. I almost always use fins when doing a kick set or else I wouldn't go anywhere! My coaches at UCTC always had us use flippers when doing kicksets so I don't see it as cheating!!

  2. Kick + fins = good.
    Kick no fins = growing old before you get to the other end of the pool.

    I only wear a watch now when working out, and not always then. I usually know the time to with 5 minutes either way without looking at anything. I only started wearing a watch when I had to travel for work, and stopped again once I trusted the cell phone.

  3. Kick? Yea don't have one. :)

    I usually only unclip one foot (the right also) unless I'll be standing there for awhile. You'll soon get used to it and it is well worth it to have better positioning on the bike. I'm a amzaed at just how high the seat on my bike is sometimes.

  4. I also only unclip one foot and have NEVER even TRIED to unclip the left foot first. But I have major bike and clipping anxiety and panic issues ;)