Monday, August 8, 2011

Six years

Six years ago was my wedding day. (Technically 6 years and 2 days, but on our actual anniversary, we were in a tent a full day's hike away from a trailhead and any technology.)

During our trip, I was reminded of all the reasons I married this man. For all the ways that he is like me: our shared interests and opinions. For all the ways that he is unlike me: he balances me. He is there with me through every difficult situation. He often knows what my needs are before I do. I have changed in the time we have been together, and I wouldn't be the woman I have become without his unwavering support.

We've had good times and bad in the last six years and I wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything. My journey into the triathlon world wouldn't be possible without him. While I change many other parts of my life, there is one thing that remains constant and will continue to be so.

Six years. One day it will be sixty.


  1. Congrats!! Jim and I just celebrated 6 in May. Love the pic!!

  2. Beautiful post. Congrats to you both!

  3. Hooray for 6!! and for 60, too! You two will make it there!
    LOVE this picture!

  4. I always love the pictures from your annual anniversary backpack! Can't believe its already been a year since the last one! I've just past 34 years married to Mr. B and believe me, six will become sixty before you know it. Don't waste one precious minute!!