Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My weekend summed up

Yes, I realize today is Tuesday, so yesterday wasn't really part of the weekend.  However, my husband took yesterday off work so that we could have a long weekend and do a short camping trip on Sunday/Monday.

I have lots of things I could blog about, but just to get myself up to date, I'm going to do this in point form.

1. Saturday, a friend (Caroline) and I went white water rafting.  It was very cool.

2. We had to drive to Golden, BC to do it - a bit more then 3 hours (if you do the speed limit.)  Caroline doesn't do the speed limit in Alberta, but does in BC.  Apparently there is a warrant out for her arrest in BC, so she has to tow the line over there...

3. Prior to white water rafting, we went and found a couple geocaches.  Very neat!  A bit tricky to find one of them, but that's part of the fun of it.

4. The white water rafting was awesome, but not quite as thrilling as I expected.  There were a lot of class 4 rapids, but they didn't last that long.  No pictures.  We got the trip on a good deal by buying a groupon, and the cd with the pictures would have cost more then the trip itself.

5. On the way back, we stopped off to use the bathroom.  There was a super long line up for the women's bathroom and none for the men's.  So, I used the men's bathroom.  Caroline was shocked.  Really?  She's the one that could get arrested if caught in BC and she's shocked that I'm skipping a line up?

6. My kids are fish.  They both did a swim lesson last week.  The last class was Saturday, so hubby took them.  They loved it, though Sweetpea is a fish that only puts her head under water when she feels like it, so she's going to do the first level again.

7. Sunday morning, I did a long ride before we headed out camping.  60 km.  Now, if I start getting pre-race jitters in the next couple weeks, and worry that I can't complete 40, somebody please smack me upside the head.

8. I then proceeded to be useless in the camping preparations while my husband got everything ready to go.  I love that guy.

9. We camped at Two Jack Lake, which is also the location of my Olympic triathlon in two weeks.

10. Spud kept declaring "it's really fun to go camping."  It was nice to see him in his element.  Made me sad that we didn't manage to get out any other time this summer.

11. We didn't bring a single toy and there was no playground at the campground, yet the kids had a blast.

12. I waded into the lake, and it was cold, but no colder then the river I swam in at my uncle's.  I think I can handle it with a wetsuit - even though it will get colder in the next couple weeks.

13. We drove around the bike loop - in the wrong direction!  I kept seeing cyclists and joking that they were going the wrong way.  When we got home, I checked the race map, and it was us going the wrong way.  Good thing I got that straightened out before the race.

14. There's new shoes in our house!  There was a twenty percent off coupon for running room last week, and I was due for new shoes soon anyways. 

15. I wasn't the only one to buy running shoes!  Somebody else in my house is now taking up running!
My old shoes are dirty!  Is it bad that I'm jealous of how colourful hubby's shoes are?
 16. I've gone up half a shoe size.  While running, I've always had trouble with pain across the top of my foot.  Different lacing techniques have helped, but not solved it.  I also have perpetually sore toes, and a partially black toenail.  The staff at the store agreed with my suspicion that my shoes were too small.  I'm hoping the bigger shoe makes a difference.

17. It appears that hubby is a naturally faster runner then me.  I'm going to have to do some speed work so I can delay him beating me too soon.  I've got a headstart on endurance though!  (I'm not competitive.)

18. Despite my competitive side, the part I really like about him running is that I can now share it with him.

19. The day of my triathlon can now be seen in the 14 day weather trend.  Enter obsessive weather checking.  Right now, the forecast is for a sunny day with a high of 17c (63f) and a low of 8c (46f).  It's a bit of a late start (10:00), so if that ends up being the air temperatures, I should be good.  Now the question is, how cold will the water be?  Last year it was about 12c (54f).

20. The weather here this week looks to be a bit dismal.  We've gone from sun and heat to rain and dreary-ness.  Really though, as long as the temperatures stay above freezing, I can't complain.  (But it's still August!)

Alright, that's it for now.  If you've made it all the way through, congrats!

Have you ever used the opposite gender's bathroom?  Would you?  Ever discover you're wearing the wrong size shoes?  Is running (or tri-ing) something you share with your spouse/partner?

*Disclaimer: Caroline only thinks she *might* have a warrant for her arrest because of an unpaid traffic ticket.  I'm not hanging out with a really hardcore criminal.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!! So why does Caroline have a warrant out for her arrest in BC?? She is brave for going there in the 1st place!

    I went white water rafting once and it was an awful experience. It was a 2 day camping trip in June and it was cold, and rainy. Doesn't make for an enjoyable trip at all! A couple of us fell into the river and my brother-in-law's girlfriend chipped her front tooth with her paddle!

    I haven't used the men's bathroom before but I have been tempted many times!!

    Glad to hear your kids enjoy the water! I think swimming is an important thing to put kids into. I am sure the fact that you swim has influenced them a lot!

    Great job on the 60K bike!! 40K will be a breeze for you!

    Yay for new shoes for you and your hubby!! Hope going a size up helps with the pain and black toe. I love the pink yankz!! That's exciting that your hubby is getting into running too! The only times I have run faster than J is when he had an asthma attack on a training run... don't think that counts as beating him!

  2. Ha, ha! You're funny! Just for the record...Deb is not hanging out with a criminal! I don't know if there really is a warrant. I have a 18.5 year old speeding ticket I have never paid. I was 19 when I got it and just never paid it.
    Yes, I was a bit shocked Deb used the men's washroom. Honestly, I probably would have too if someone offered to guard the door for me too!


  3. haha I have FOUR outstanding tickets in BC!! 2 of them I got on the same day!! Luckily I changed my address so I don't get the invoices anymore, but I definitely don't speed when in BC!

  4. Rafting is fun! I've only gone once near Jasper about 7 years ago but loved it.

    60km on the bike? Wow! That is far. My ass would be killing me.

  5. LOL! this post made me laugh numerous times!!!

    I love white water rafting, but like you didn't think it was near as intense as I anticipated.

    BRRRR!!! It's cold up there!

    It's been a long time but yep..I've used the men's room.

    Love the bright shoes, I however feel like if I had shoes that noticiable I wiould need to be pretty fast! :)

  6. Never used other gender's washroom, but have been present when one did. No big deal. Wasn't there a tv show where there was a shared washroom?

    I don't care about clothing or shoe sizes, only use them as a starting point. I go with what fits.

  7. That sounds like a most excellent long weekend! Any wildlife encounters?