Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Q & A - The A part....

So, I went and posted an invitation to ask me questions, but then I didn't get back to answering them in a timely matter. My apologies. I am a bad blogger, but in my defense, the weather has been beautiful, and I've been outside instead. :)

Without further ado:

Leigh from All You Need is Love asked me:

What got you into racing whether it be running or triathlons?

One day, I decided I wanted to do something beyond the mediocre. I needed to set a goal that would be a challenge to complete and I didn't know if I could reach it. That was the start of running, the beginning of learning how to swim, and realizing that the expression "just like riding a bike" over simplified things. Even though it took me many months to change the name of the blog (it used to be Deb Shrinks), that was the day that my blog ceased to just be a diet blog.

What has been your greatest race and race experience so far?

Without a doubt, my greatest race and race experience has been Chestermere triathlon. (Race report part 1, part 2.) Yes, the swim was brutally difficult to get through (mentally), but the feeling of achieving it was like no other. That day I felt on top of the world, and like I could achieve anything. No matter how many years go by, I will still remember this triathlon.

Keith, from Keith's Odyssey to Planet Fitness failed to ask me a question. Instead, he gave me a little dose of SIUB (suck it up buttercup) in regards to my whining about the messy wetsuit patch. Every triathlete needs some SIUB once in a while. Thanks Keith! ;)

Michelle, from Miles for Breakfast asked me:

What is the one thing you find most annoying on a blog?

Music. I don't care if it's music I like. I don't care if it's my favourite song. When I open a new browser window and it's suddenly blasting music, I'm more likely to close it to make the music stop then read that blog. Sorry, but if I want to listen to music while I'm blogging, I'll pick my own.

Joe, from Rock Star Tri asked me:

How does your winter impact your training?

I've only been through one winter since I started training. I ran on one of the coldest days of the year, and got little ice globules on my eyelashes. You truly can run in pretty much any temperature. Swimming through the winter goes on like usually - at the pool of course. Last winter, my biking did suffer significantly over the winter. I didn't have a trainer until December, and didn't use it as much as I should have. Until recently, I undervalued the importance of getting strong on the bike, as I was most concerned about getting my running and swimming up to par. This winter, I'll keep things more balanced and the trainer will get a workout too.

When will your family join you participating in athletic adventures?

They already do. My son did his first triathlon the same day I did. We hike together as a family and go out for walks by the river. Both Spud and Sweetpea have bikes and like getting out on them. My husband and I are going for a backpacking trip this weekend. I still have hope of getting him into tris in the next couple years. ;)

At some point, it may be a more formal situation where we race together or even as a relay. For now, they see me race and love it, then they want to do it too. Never underestimate how much kids pick up by observation.

Julie, from You Just Have to TRI! asked me:

How do you handle the "bad mom" moments? You know the ones where you do something you regret almost immediately?

Wow! Nothing like putting me on the spot, hey Julie?

I strongly believe that every person is deserving of respect, even if they're only 3 feet tall. I try to avoid those moments, but let's be real, I still have them. Usually, my kid bursts into tears and I say sorry. I explain to them that I shouldn't have yelled (because that's what those moments are for me), but I was frustrated or scared (or whatever). Then later I tell my husband what a bad mother I am and he knocks some sense into me. (not literally).

How did you meet your husband?

Online. We met on a dating site and then went for breakfast at a pancake house down the street from my place. The next day, we went on a road trip to Drumheller, and I fell asleep during the ride. I fell asleep a lot in the early days of our relationship! I had just finished a job where I worked until 3 am.

Embarrassing race or training stories?

I think that has to be the day I fell over on my bike, right after telling my husband that I wouldn't. Not too many people have to skill to do their first clipless pedal fall in front of someone holding a camera...If you could only read one blog whose would it be?

My own, of course! ;)


  1. Music annoys me too!!

    At least you are smiling in that pic of you on the ground :)

  2. Am I too late with a question? I'm planning to try a tri next summer (thanks to you and Julie for inspiriting me!) and am a bit nervous about the transitions. The swim won't be with a wetsuit so that will make T1 easier...but any advice?

  3. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..