Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some observations and lessons learned from my last triathlon

So, even though I didn't set goals for my Strathmore tri, I did learn some things from it.  In no particular order:

1. I need to set goals when I race.  Otherwise, I may as well save the entry fee and just train.  Goals don't have to be time oriented, but having them gives me extra motivation and purpose for the day.

2. I need to approach my swim training differently.  I've promised a separate post on why I felt my swim was weak, and I'll get to it.  However, I will say now that I think the main problem is related to how I trained.

3. I think I may have found the sweet spot for how hard to go on the bike.  I pushed myself on the bike, and definitely worked my legs.  I still had a decent amount left for the run - even if I didn't fully deliver on it.

4. Never underestimate your mental state.  I went into this race thinking it was going to be really hot and that would make the run really challenging.  Guess what?  It was really hot and it made the run a challenge.  Perhaps, I should have gone in with a plan for the heat and seen what I could do with it.  Methinks I sort of psyched myself out on this one.

5. I think I actually prefer races with open water swims.  Yeah, the only race I've done with an open water swim was the one I panicked on, but let's forget about that for a minute.  The thing is, when everyone starts together, it feels more like a race.  I like when it feels like a race.  I like pinpointing someone ahead of me and making an effort to pass them.  Now, I certainly get passed myself, but I even like that.  When the field is completely spread out (like in a pool swim), it just doesn't feel as much like a competition.  And, even if I don't expect to place, I still want to compete.

6. I can run faster.  I just didn't.  Again, mental.

7. None of the (3) races of done so far have body marked the age group.  What's up with that?

8. I like medals.


  1. I sabotage my races by holding back on the run. I can't wait for the fall season to begin to challenge my runs. Tri's are taking a backseat till May 2012 but I am totally following your blog to get the good tips. My last Tri was a sprint and I fell in love.

  2. My only open water swim was my Oly and I was close to the back of the pack. I passed a few people but not many (that's what you get for NOT training). I find with the pool swim I can concentrate on racing against myself rather than what everyone else around me is doing. I still totally race people!!

    Funny, I don't like it when they bodymark your AG but I guess it's good for beating people along the course who are in your AG!!

    I like medals too!!