Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. This morning when my 5:00 am alarm went off, the lyrics that came blasting out from the radio were: "run! as fast as you can..."  Kind of cool considering that alarm was to wake me up for a run.  You CAN'T go back to sleep when you get a sign like that.

2. Has anyone else been having trouble with your blog updating on blogrolls and in readers?  Lately, I've noticed a lot my posts haven't been showing up, and when they do it's a good half day later.  I actually first noticed it when I was on someone's blog and thought they'd taken me off their blog roll.  They hadn't; I was just way down the list because it wasn't showing my last post.

3. I think I may have started the pre-race crazies for my Oly tri and it's still 2.5 weeks away.  Yesterday, I was freaking out that I'm undertrained and can't do the distance - which is baloney.  I've done more mileage then a lot of Oly plans call for.  I'll be fine.  I just need to remember that and hold it together for the last couple weeks of training.


  1. Good lyrics to keep you motivated! That is the best "good morning".
    Sometimes I have problems with the blog too but .... I survive.
    Hi from Italy

  2. Nice wake up song! I need that programmed to go off for my 8:30am Sunday runs!

    Blogger has been bad lately. I am having problems commenting on certain blogs (not yours!) which sucks!

    You will kill the Oly distance! I barely trained for my Oly so you are wayyyyy ahead of me!!

  3. It's normal to freak out before a race.

    Whenever you start thinking you might be under-trained, remember under-trained is better than over-trained. So even if it's true, it's okay. :-)

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog. :)

    I've been totally slacking on morning runs, but that song might just have shamed me into getting up if I didn't hit the snooze button fast enough. I'm also a slacker on pre-race stress...usually I'm fine til I hit the start line and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

  5. Love the "sign"!

    You are going to do fantastic at the oly!

  6. Better to think your self be undertrained, or actually be undertrained, and go into a race happy and confident because you feel pretty good, than to go in overtrained, tired, worn out, run down, beat up, and generally sick of the whole darn thing.

    You will do great! Pre race jitters are a sign you are in exactly the right place.