Monday, August 15, 2011

Set the standard now

Yesterday marked Sweetpea's third birthday. Around here, three years old marks something else: the age when kids are old enough to attend unparented activities. So, for the first time ever, I was dropping both kids off at a daycamp for a 2.5 hour time period.

Now, I live in a small town. That means you get to know people. It's rare to take my kids to the pool or park without seeing someone we know. The kids in this daycamp will be some of the same kids mine go to school with, play soccer with, or do dance class with for years.

This means that the mothers will be the same ones that I see for the next 15 or so years as well. As it is, I already knew about half of them. Now, this means that I need to keep up appearances. I can't go to the grocery store in my pajamas, because I will see somebody I know. Likewise, I have to be aware of my public image every time I go somewhere in town or take my kids to activities.

So, I brought my kids into daycamp. I had a freshly done ponytail, and was wearing a cute running skirt and my running shoes with fancy bright yankz on them.

I picked them up a couple hours later. I was unshowered, stinky, and dripping sweat...

I don't think I can handle an expectation of being manicured and styled for 15 years. :) Like I said, set the standard now.