Friday, September 2, 2011

Another reason why I run

I don't like cold weather.  I hate feeling cold, and I hate wearing socks all the time.  When the weather turns cold, I just want to curl up with a blanket and hibernate.  I should have been born a bear.

Having said that, running may not change my anti-cold inclinations, but it changes my attitude sometimes.  This morning, I got up and ready for my run.  A long sleeved shirt and pants, since I knew it would be a bit chilly.  Out I went.  I spent about 2 minutes wondering what the heck I was doing outside on this cold drizzly morning.  Much warmer under a blanket.  Then I spent 50 minutes feeling warm and great while I knocked off 8 km (5mi).

Now, I am back inside and blogging while drinking a hot tea.

I am also deciding what to do for the day.  I'm showered, dressed, and ready to go somewhere.  If I hadn't run, I would be grumpy, frumpy and more likely spending the day in pajamas.

My kids are always asking to go out in the rain.  (Mostly because they want to use their umbrellas.)  Maybe today I'll let them do just that.


  1. Thank you for reminding me why I don't live in Canada anymore. You're writing about the cold on September 2nd! Here it's 23degrees at 7:30am!

    Good for you for getting out even in crap weather! You rock!

  2. ummm...don't you live in the wrong place if you don't like the cold? :)

    Great job on the run!

  3. I used to love running in the rain and in the cold but over the past few months I've started to dread it and sigh everytime I see sprinkles.

  4. Nice job getting out there! My boys love playing in the rain too! :)

  5. Once you run in -30 C weather everything else will feel warm by comparison. Good for you for getting out on a cool wet morning. A workout really is a great way to start the day.