Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Early morning drivers are inattentive morons

I run early morning.  I cross a number of streets but only one that frequently has traffic.  When I get to the corner, I stand under the street light.  If I see or hear a car coming, I look in that direction and wait until they are going to stop before I cross.  Or rather, I should say, I wait until they drive by before I cross.

Guess what drivers?!  I still have the right of way even though it's five in the morning.  And don't claim you didn't see me.  I'm wearing a freaking headlamp that I flash in your direction.  So, either you saw me, and didn't stop when you should have, or you are a hazard on the road because you aren't paying attention enough to see someone that is waving a light in your direction.

Yeah, maybe some of them would have stopped if I actually started crossing.  However, some of them might have kept driving.  I'm not quite ready to take my life in my hands just to enforce my right of way.

2. Two days till race day!

I'm getting better at avoiding the pre-race crazies.  I'm just now starting to feel a bit of anxiety creeping in and I'm hoping I can hold it off by getting ultra prepared.  Today, I'm going to give Bella (my bike) a good cleaning, and going over.  I'm also going to get all my gear organized and lay out my transition areas in the basement to make sure I have everything.

The weather forecast is looking great.  The high on Saturday is supposed to be 25c (77f).  It's been warm all week, so the water shouldn't be too cold (it will still be cold, but not brutal like last year).  My heat doesn't start until 10:34, so by the time I get on the bike, it should be nice and warm.  By the time I'm running, it will feel pretty hot, but it's going to be cooler then my last triathlon, so it will all be good!

3. It's a good thing Sweetpea's got some maturing to do before she has her own kids...

Ah, such a sweet girl.  Just playing with her toys.  But, wait...  What is in the bin?  Is that... *gasp*...  Is that a hand?

Oh my goodness!  It is!  It's Baby Bananpants!  Shoved in that cylinder!  Oh no!  Oh my...
Now, for the record, Baby Bananapants is the baby.  She has another much loved "dolly".  She has a couple other babies.  But, Baby Bananapants is the one that she carries around, shoves the soother in the mouth for and kisses good night.  She sometimes says that she is going to grow taller and taller and then she will be a Mommy too.  Let's just say she has some learning to do before she's ready to take care of a "real" baby...


  1. I don't know. There are some mothers who haven't grasped that babies need attention, and your kid seems to have a good grip on that, at least for now.

  2. Cute pics of Sweet Pea and her baby! Thankfully she has many years to figure out how to properly "mother!"

    Good luck on your race! What great weather you will have! Much better than last year for sure.

  3. Deb, best of luck on your race!!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.