Tuesday, September 20, 2011

His and hers plates and don't assume

Here we have his and hers plates from dinner last night.  Same meal, approximately the same portions.  Guess who eats like an adult and who doesn't like their food to touch?

For some reason this picture refuses to rotate for me and I gave up trying to make it.
Last night was the first swim of the coached session.  I figured it would be a technique heavy session.  I even did an 8km (5mi) run a few hours before.  I told my husband as I left, "Angie won't be working us that hard.  I'm sure she'll focus on technique."  I figured I'd be fine even if I went into it a bit tired.

Well, I was fine, (aside from my calf cramping up near the end).  But, it wasn't a "easy" swim either.  The workout was actually pretty intense.  Angie told us at the beginning that she was mainly wanting to observe the first night to assess where everyone is.  Chatting in the locker room afterwards, it seems a lot of people had made the same assumption I had: It wouldn't be too hard; mostly technique.  Two lessons (re)learned: 1. Don't assume, and 2. I love the feeling after a hard workout.


  1. I love the surprise hard workout! But you are right, you can just never assume.

  2. Hey, cut him some slack. I would likely not only have had an identical plate, but would have eaten it in "order" too. Cool on the tough workout even if unexpected. You know what they say about assuming...