Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. My laptop is broken.  

Well, the power brick, or whatever is broken.  Which means, until it's replaced, no laptop for me.  I won't neglect my blog entirely, but it does mean I won't be on the computer as much - which can be good and bad.  The desktop computer is in the basement, far away from where the children play, so I won't be getting on it much during the day.

The other sad thing with this is the pictures that are trapped on the laptop.  Now, they're not lost, as my husband reassures me that the laptop can function again.  Even if it can't, I guess they can still be retrieved from the hard drive.  But, I had pictures from the race the kids did on the weekend that I can't post right now.  :(

2. We are getting a revival of summer!

I went for a run this afternoon while the kids were in preschool.  It was HOT.  Wow.  I'm not complaining though.  This time of year could give us blizzards or heat waves.  I'll take the heat if that's what I get.

3. Is it just me or are things slow in the blogosphere?

I've noticed that I'm not getting as many comments lately, plus it seems like a lot of bloggers aren't posting as much as usual.  Is it in my head, or is it actually slow?  I'm thinking it's just the time of year.  Tri season is over, so triathletes are taking a break?  A lot of the bloggers that seem to be posting as much as ever are the runners.    What do you think, am I just imagining it?


  1. 1. Sorry for the laptop. I store my pictures and the most important documents in an external drive too. I hope to see soon the pictures of the race of the kids.
    2. At last here it is less hot, but we wear t-shirts again.
    3. In my opinion something in the blogsphere happens at every change of season. I try to write a weekly post and to comment the posts of my blogger friends.

  2. We're having a super hot day today here, too!! I'm loving it!

  3. Comments have been down all this year. Readership itself dipped early in the year for no apparent reason, but has since recovered.

    Looking forward to a nice bike ride in the heat tomorrow.

  4. I love random bursts of summer -- I hate computer troubles! Good luck!

  5. Yikes- hope the laptop gets fixed soon!

    Love the hot weather!! No complaints here as I know what we are in for soon enough.

    You are right- the commenting has dropped off a bit. Personally I am busier than ever at work and at home so not much spare blog time for me. I try to make up for it by posting a whole bunch in a row!!